Pee not police – Frampton’s nosey neighbours call press thinking he was being arrested

Carl Frampton’s neighbours thought they had a big news story on their hands when two uniformed men escourted him from his house to a white van early Sunday morning.

‘The Jackal’ was visited by drug testers and was taken for a random drug test, something he has signed up for, something relatively common place and not something relatively news worthy.

However, at least one of the three weight world champions neighbours felt different.

One perceptive neighbour thought the Belfast hero was being arrested and contacted the media to let them know.

As per the norm Frampton was able to laugh the incident off.

“It turns out that at least one of my neighbours thought that I was being scooped and contacted the media,” he told the Belfast Telegraph,one of the outlets to receive a call at the time.

“I guess it didn’t help matters when the van broke down in the middle of a three-point turn, so it looked like a barricade.

“I must admit that the van did look like one of those prisoner transportation vehicles, but I can assure everyone that it was simply a case of a random drugs test.”

Drug tests are not overly uncommon, but the usual procedure allows for the test to take place indoors. Covid restrictions doesn’t allow for the testers to enter the testee’s house, meaning the former two weight world champion had to be use a mobile unit, hence the van.

“Due to the Covid restrictions, they were not able to come into the house as normal to carry out the test, so they brought the mobile unit instead,” Frampton added.

“But it clearly looked like some big incident was kicking off because the van didn’t leave until around 10.30am after a recovery truck was sent out to get it going again.

“Clearly it gave the neighbours some early morning entertainment and the blinds must have been twitching.

“But it was only me having to do a pee at seven o’clock in the morning for the drug testers.”

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