Paulie Hyland puts Big Bang behind him

JUNE 30 Jonny Stapleton

Paulie Hyland revealed he had to over come a mental barrier before over coming the challenge of Hyusein Hyuseinov in the National Stadium last Saturday night.

The Tallaght super bantamweight claims he struggled a little in the opening three rounds, all which he won incidentally, before eventually finding his rhythm in the fourth and fifth stanzas.

The former EU champion claims his comeback fight was marred by the European defeat suffered at the gloves of Willie Casey last time out and despite stopping an opponent that brought Limericks ‘Big Bang’ the distance wasn’t too happy with his display.

In an honest and somewhat harsh appraisal of his own performance the youngest of the three champion brothers admitted the November loss weighed on his mind and hampered his most recent innings.

The fact words like ‘pressure’, ‘cagey’ and ‘agitated’ peppered his post fight interview prove the loss to his fellow Irish man did have a lasting effect, but he stressed he has put that all behind him after Saturdays victory.

“ I felt very ring rusty to begin with . It was only at the end of the third and the start of fourth I got into my rhytm and showed what I am about. He was uptight and tucked up and forced me to think a lot. I didn’t perform they way I wanted to perform for everyone here,” Hyland said minutes after the bout on an impressive show promoted by his father. “There was a bit of a mental thing to get over after loosing. Just going into the fourth I said to myself I have nothing to prove or to worry about and I showed what I could do. I taught it was a below par performance. I was feeling the pressure in the first three rounds. I was a bit agitated with the punches. I relaxed and let loose in the fourth round and I began to break him down a lot easier. It was great to be in there and I feel great after the win, but I have to admit the first round I was a bit cagey trying to get that feeling of being back in the ring.”

However, despite a having a slightly negative and gloomy out look on how Saturday’s bout played out, Hyland has a positive attitude toward what he believes is a bright future.

The renowned stylist claims he is just one more win away from a second European title tilt.

“It is great to get the win under the belt. My work rate was the highest it ever was. The round I was relaxed not breathing heavy I could have went another few rounds. I feel strong all round even though I made 8 stone 12 handy. That is out of the way now. I am back on the winning track and I am happy to be back in the ring. Another fight end of September after I am back in contention for the EBU title. I will be back in the top three then and ready to get that belt.”


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