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Paul Quinn: McShane has to realise I am the Main Man

PAUL Quinn claims he proved he is not just a better fighter but a bigger draw than Daniel McShane on Saturday night.

Quinn, who was called out by Belfast prospect McShane last month, pushed his record to 6-0 with victory over Dawid Knade in Downpatrick.

The knock out win, Quinn’s first top of the bill victory, played out in front of a vocal and partisan support and the 23 year old believes that proves he is superior in skill and selling power when compared to McShane.

Quinn says he is open to but not desperate to trade leather with the undefeated super featherweight and suggests if the clash is to be made McShane has to realise that Quinn is the ‘main man’ when it comes to the pair.

“He can keep making videos, but if he wants to fight all he has to do is go through the right channels,” Quinn told Irish-boxing.com.

“I am a featherweight he is a super featherweight so if he wants to come down I would fight him. There is no bad blood on my behalf. I never had any contact or dealings with him. If there is bad blood on his part I don’t know why.

“He said I don’t sell tickets, well Saturday proves I am the bigger ticket seller. I don’t want him to be under the illusion he sells more than me. Why would be afraid of him? Why would he suggest that? What has he done to worry me? I am the better fighter and I have proved that. I am the main man when it comes to us.”

Quinn suffered a broken knuckle on Saturday night so a pre Christmas clash with ‘Insane’ McShane isn’t an option.

The injury aside the Newcastle man believes Saturday couldn’t have went any better. He was delighted to get rounds and a stoppage and was over the moon with a sizable and partisan support.

“The plan was to do the six rounds. I wanted to see how do the extra rounds and despite breaking my knuckle in the third I felt fit and strong. Alio (Wilton) seen I had a lot still left in the tank and told me to step it up going into the sixth. I did just that and took him out,” he added before paying homage to the support.

“The support was unbelievable. I can’t thanks everyone enough for coming out. When I came out the noise was unreal and that kind of support gives you a great lift.”


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