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‘Pajo is up for this let’s see if Russell is,’ Collins claims Hyland has ‘special’ reason to win

Patrick Hyland has that added incentive going into his World title fight with Gary Russell Jr claims Pascal Collins.

The Tallaght fighter has the chance to both give his family a much needed lift and honour his late father by claiming the WBC World featherweight title on April 16.

Collins has a game plan in place and believes he charge has shock the world credentials and while he isn’t reliant on extra motivation the coach claims having a reason to win beyond personal glory and financial gain can’t be over looked.

“I would love Pajo to win this World title for his family,” Collins told Irish-boxing.com.

“They need that little lift right now. I think that is the extra little bit Pajo has going into this fight. He has a special reason to win and he isn’t just winning for himself. He is representing his family, particularly his Da and he can give his family a lift after a hard year. There is that special element to it.”

Collins know’s his charge is fired and ready to fight, but believes Russell Jr and his camp maybe over looking the 32 year old Dubliner.

“Pajo is training like this is his last fight. He is ready to leave everything in the ring. He is leaving everything in the gym during training. Pajo is up for this let’s see if Russell is.”


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