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‘Nobody wants to tell the truth’ – Chantelle Cameron doubles down on ‘unfair’ Katie Taylor rematch claims

Chantelle Cameron isn’t backing down and remains adamant she was unjustly treated in her rematch with Katie Taylor.

The Northampton native lost a massive rematch, her 0 and her light welterweight titles in the 3 Arena in November.

Immediately after the epic encounter, Cameron expressed her discontent with both the referee’s performance and how promoter Eddie Hearn reacted to the Irish win.

With a trilogy announcement imminent the Jamie Moore-trained light welter is doubling down on her disapproval of how the fight was reffed.

Indeed, she remains convinced the second installment of the classic rivalry ‘wasn’t a fair fight,’.

“It was a bad night for me clearly, to have my first loss,” she said of the November defeat when speaking to the Irish Mirror.

“It is what it is. We all have to lose at some time, but do you know what, it’s probably the best thing that’s happened to me as well.

“Everyone says that but until you take your first loss, you actually think, do you know what, it’s a blessing.

“It was a hard night, I’m still going to stick to what I said about the referee, he was making the fight so hard for me.

“First round, I didn’t think I hurt Katie, I landed a punch and she went down so it should have been scored a knockdown and obviously the cut happened.

Dublin, Ireland – November 25: Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron, Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title Fight. 25 November 2023 Picture By Matthew Pover Matchroom Boxing Katie Taylor wins

“This isn’t me making excuses because whatever I say, everyone is going to say I’m making excuses, but I’m not.

“And well-deserved for her, she redeemed herself, but was it a fair night for me? I don’t think it was and I get slagged off so much for it but I’m going to stick to what I’m saying because I honestly believe it.”

Continuing to speak her ‘truth’ she adds: “Nobody wants to tell the truth because you get punished for telling the truth, but with me it’s like I’m still a human being and I’ve got quarrels so I’m going to speak the truth and if I’m going to get called names, called this, called that, I’m still living by my standards and I’d rather be that person than be a fake. I’m doing myself no favours in my career but I’m still walking with my head held high.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years