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Say No to War – Dylan Wilson happy to show his skills

Dylan Wilson [3-0] was determined to show he is not wedded to the all-action aggressive approach that won him debut praise, and indeed an Irish Boxing Awards Debut of the Year nomination, when he fought last time out.

‘The Diamond Standard’ tamed an aggressive ‘Tiger’ in Carl Turney in Scotland just over a week ago to continue his winning start to pro boxing.

The 26-year-old won every round of his first six-rounder on a Kynoch Promotions card and did so thanks to an accomplished boxing display.

Turney’s aggressive approach meant Wilson could have easily gone to war, but he wanted to show his skillset and boxed his way over the line.

“I was planning on showing more boxing going forward, especially after the first fight I had,” he tells Irish-boxing.com.

“That was a good fight but I didn’t want to develop the reputation as a bit of a slugger, I wanted to show I can box and that I have good skill,” he adds before suggesting Turney’s ‘Zombie’ approach cemented his decision to apply the sweet science approach.

“Definitely, after watching some footage of the opponent prior to the fight, I knew that kind of staying long, in and out boxing, picking my scores would be more effective than trying to sit there because he was very wild and looked like he packed a bit of power in those shots. I was happy I was able to show my skills and pick the scores up over six rounds.”

There was one brief moment where Wilson felt the desire to hold his feet and trade serious leather, but a very vocal corner, which included Irish fight legend and the National Stadium’s favourite son, Kenneth Egan, quickly warned the Clondalkin fighter against it.

“In the fifth, he tried to tee off on me a little bit. I kind of let him because there was that urge there to fight back and get into a bit of a slug – but Kenny and Finn weren’t entertaining that idea whatsoever. I was so far ahead on points so there was no need to take a risk.”

Another huge positive for the Dubliner, who is scheduled to make his Irish debut in Dublin on November 19, was the fact he did six rounds without any issues.

“I had never done six rounds in any of the sports I’ve fought in, so I was nervous going into the fight, excited too. I felt I really came into myself in the fifth and sixth. I’m looking forward to doing more six-rounders now, it does give me a bit of confidence with regard to moving into eight-rounders in due time.”

The fact Turney wasn’t your survive-at-all-costs kind of journeyman seemed to ensure those six were done at a much higher pace than average, in fact at such a pace some have suggested Wilson got eight rounds of work in, in Scotland.

Although the Irish fighter suggests it was a pace he set.

“It was quite high paced and I think I kind of brought that on myself. The opponent was happy to be flat-footed and walk me down, a bit like a zombie, he was very tough and had a good chin. I kind of brought the pace on myself with the movement and the popping in and out,” he adds before revealing his third pro foe shared some nice words with him post-victory.

“The opponent was pretty sound after the fight, he actually complimented the work and said I was a lot harder to hit than most and wished me well going forward. It’s great sportsmanship and it’s great when two fighters can have a scrap like that and still be buddies after it.”


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