‘Nightmare’ Over – Dlugosz dreaming big again

Karol Dlugosz [2-0]is ready to start living the dream again after a nightmare scenario ended.

The Krusher hasn’t fought in just under two years and is eager to get crushing again.

The Polish born Ballymoney native was one of the first fighters confirmed on the books of Queensbury Poland and one of the first that looked to benefit from the link-up between Mariusz Krawczynski and Francis Warren.

Initially, things looked bright and it appeared the perfect match. Queensbury Poland provided the 27-year-old with the chance to grow under the spotlight and conquer the country of his birth before tapping into the Irish and British markets, whilst the new promotional outfit had a fighter with genuine amateur pedigree that they could promote in Poland or the UK.

The Ulster Elite champion was extremely excited about the move and believed he was set for regular TV action in Poland in his progressive years.

‘The Krusher’, who is originally from Łaskarzew and moved to Ireland as a 13-year-old, did see ring action and fought twice on high profile cards but hasn’t been out since. He became extremely vocal about his concern with how his career was being managed and at one stage called for his contract to be terminated.

A split within Queensbury Poland seemed to have upset how things were run promotionally leaving Scorpion BC’s first-ever Ulster Champion among others unhappy.

However, the situation seems to be resloved, and some ‘toxic’ people have left the scene, allowing the latest ‘Mac Man’ to team up Krawczynski again.

Duglosz nowplans to get hislicence back, secure some sponsorship and get busy.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years