McKenna ready to get busy

TYRONE McKenna is ready to get busy after returning from a six months absence last week.

The American based pro sent Christian Daniels south to the canvas in North Carolina and moved to 4-0 with a first round stoppage in his first fight in six months. 

Now having ended a period of inactivity the Belfast light welterweight is keen to wrack up the wins before the year is out.

Indeed McKenna hopes to get to 8-0 before 2015 rings in.

“I have a few fights coming up one in September and one in October in Philly, so hopefully they come. I want to get another one or two in before Christmas too. I want to start moving quickly now, get more wins and move  up the rankings,” McKenna told

“Inactivity is never good, being inactive for 6 months wasn’t great and I am just glad to be back in the ring doing what I love.”

McKenna was back in the ring last week, but not for long. He dispatched his foe within a round to register the first knock out of his career.

Whilst the early night was welcome, however, McKenna was adamant wins and not the manner in which they are achieved is the most important thing.

“I am glad I got the KO. It is good to show that I do have power at the weight class. But personally it’s not overly important for me to knock out foes. It is the win that matters but when a KO comes along its always a bonus.”



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years