McGuigan: McCullough Defeat Was “Embarrassing” and “Hugely Humiliating”

By Diarmuid Sherry

Barry McGuigan has admitted that it was “embarrassing” and “hugely humiliating” for the Irish Featherweight Champion, Marc McCullough, to lose via a first round stoppage to Hungarian journeyman, Zoltan Kovacs. However McGuigan is also confident that McCullough will recover.

McCullough made his first appearance in the ring since his surprise summer defeat last Friday in Edinburgh, defeating Sergejs Logins by first round knockout, and will return next month at the Waterfront Hall, as chief support for the Conrad Cummings and Alfredo Meli’s BBBoC Celtic Title bout.

The slippery Scottish Featherweight Champion, Jon Slowey will be in the opposite corner for that fight, which could yet be an eliminator for a possible British title shot. However McGuigan believes that McCullough will not let that surprise loss affect him.

“I don’t think he will ever make that mistake again. It was an invaluable lesson. Everything you do in a ring, it’s all about the things you do and the decisions you make. If you don’t make those decisions at the right time, you can come off second best. You can be hurt and you can be knocked out. It can happen to anyone. He’s picked himself up. He’s brushed himself off. He’s won last Friday and I think he will win against Jon Slowey although it’s a very tough fight.


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