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Too many cons, not enough pros – Jay Byrne pulls out of promotional game

Jay Byrne has decided to bow out of the promotional game promoting after a difficult and turbulent few months.

The BUI Celtic welterweight title holder was scheduled to promote his first show in the National Stadium on July 7th and had big plans for domestic boxing in Ireland.

The former Irish title challenger was confident he could build a strong stable and put in place a business formula that could prove successful for both him and Irish boxing.

However, after making a number of good fights, booking the venue, doing a press launch and putting together a solid first card, Byrne pulled the plug on the ‘The Beginning’ show.

A public fall-out with the Boxing Union of Ireland provided a backdrop to the show’s demise and prompted a call for all promoters on the ground to work together.

Jay Byrne will focus on doing the business in the ring
Jay Byrne will focus on doing the business in the ring

However, after some reflection, a disappointed and somewhat hurt Byrne has decided to end his dream of promoting in Ireland and focus on doing the business in the ring.

The 31-year-old, who has a BBBofC Celtic light middleweight title fight with Marc Kerr lined up in Scotland for September, will continue to fight and has offered his services as a manager to fighters.

Promotion, though, will be left to the likes of Boxing Ireland, Tony Davitt, and Assassin.

Byrne confirmed the news by releasing the following statement to Irish-Boxing.com:

“After a lovely holiday away with my wife and kids I have spent a lot of time thinking about my future, I also have discussed this with my wife, who is a massive part of my life in all aspects of what I do.”

“I am unhappy with certain things that have to been said about me in regards the running of my proposed show, ‘The Beginning’, which I have full proof that is untrue.”

“I also have thought about the positives in promoting and after a lot of thinking and some honest reflecting I have come to the conclusion there are very few. In the weeks coming up to what would have been my first show I encountered a lot of negativity. I was trying to help keep young upcoming boxers active and give them a platform to progress and, while I felt confident we could have built something, the negativity proved hampering.”

“An awful lot of work goes unnoticed in running these shows and credit to the lads who do it regularly.”

“After my show hit a brick wall and had to be cancelled I tried to bring all promoters together to try again to see if a way we could get the best for Irish boxing and that wasn’t successful.”

“Anyone close to me knows I’m a genuine with a genuine love for boxing. I would do anything to help anyone in the sport. I lost several thousands when the show collapsed out of my own pocket. I didn’t really mind investing into the show as I felt it would be a success, but I haven’t got unlimited funds or a backer to bankroll promoting shows hence the reason for the cancellation.”

“After thinking this through and talking to my wife I have taken the choice to end my dream of promoting professional boxing in Ireland. If I’m honest the stress and loss of personal income is just not worth it and I would rather invest it into my family. I know it would be more appreciated by my loved ones rather than and is better than being bad-mouthed in public or having my professionalism as a businessman or promoter questioned.”

“I will talk to the guys I look after over the next couple of days and see what they want do. I will have no problem still managing them or guiding their careers if they still have faith me as their manager.”

“In regards my fighting career I will continue to fight for the foreseeable future and enjoy the sport in which I have grown to love.”

“I thank everyone for the support over the past few months it means a lot to me and If I can ever help any promoters/managers or fighters I will always, of course.”

“JB Promotions is now gone and the pages will also be inactive.”


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