McCullough wants Casey fight

5 June 2010 – By David Boyle

Prizefighter Super bantamweights was won by a stand in fighter, Willie Big Bang Casey, now the fighter he replaced, Wayne McCullough wants to set the record straight.

It was Willie who said he wanted to fight me before Prizefighter after I pulled out, so he should put his money were his mouth is, said McCullough.

After the tournament McCullough sent a message congratulating Casey on his success, which he feels was responded to in a disrespectful manner.

All along I supported Willie and hoped he would win the tournament even at my own expense, as he is a fellow Irishman, even though I didnt personally know Willie.

I had called out Bernard Dunne a few times but all was in good manner and Bernard is a friend of mine and always will be. We had a few back and forths. But he never disrespected me in the way Willie did and thats why I want to fight him. It was Willie that called me out, and it is Willie who has everything to gain from fighting me, I have nothing to gain from fight Willie.

As soon as I pulled out of the fight I contacted Barry Hearn and asked him to make a fight for me with whoever won Prizefighter, however he said it depended on the promoter that the winner was signed to. I called out Bernard and Brian (Peters) never offered anything and it may be the same in Willies case.

If Willie wants the fight then Ill fight him no problem.

Willie wouldnt know what the deep trenches are like after 10 or so rounds like me and Bernard would and that would show.

I went 12-0 with 11kos against tough Mexican opponents, whereas Willie Casey is now 8-0 with five KOs against weak opponents. Willie called me out in the beginning so lets see if he really wants the fight, he will benefit more from it that I will.”

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