McCullough on cut stoppage

20 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Former world champion and current UFC PR associate Wayne McCullough refuted claims that Paul McCloskeys premature stoppage will send boxing fans in the direction of UFC.

The manner in which Derryman McCloskey was stopped in the sixth round of his WBA light welterweight world title fight with Amir Khan didnt just upset Irish boxing fans, but seemed to leave a bad taste in the mouth of followers of the sport from around the globe.

However, unlike the Dudey fans, who were heartbroken for their man, the general boxing aficionado was more upset that there night of entertainment was ruined by a premature and somewhat farcical stoppage. Pundits and punters have since claimed such stoppages will force fans the way of mixed martial arts were on occasion fights are more blood swimming pool that bath. But Irish boxing legend and UFC employee, McCullough disagrees. The Olympic silver medallist highlighted the UFC use the same doctors as the Boxing commission and stressed the stoppage was down to one mans decision.

That fight could have been allowed to go ahead in boxing and it could have been stopped in UFC. The bleeding wasnt that bad but I have seen fights stopped for less. I have also seen much worse cuts on fighters who were allowed to continue. It isnt a boxing – UFC issue though. UFC uses the same doctors and cuts are viewed in the same way. i don’t see it affecting fans stoppages like that can happen in both codes, McCullough told

Once the doctor steps in the ring the fight had to be stopped. I dont know why the doctor got in the ring last weekend. Maybe the atmosphere got to him. He should have let McCloskey go back to the corner or at least let him see out the rest of the round.

The Pocket Rocket, who is as renowned for his granite chin and bravery as he is for the volume of punches he lets fly, believes the stoppage only hastened the inevitable.

McCullough believes Khan was terrible, but unaware of the start slow finish strong McCloskey game plan, was a little upset with the Irish effort on the night.

I dont know Paul or Amir personally, but either way I thought Khan was going to win. I thought Paul didnt throw enough. It is a world title fight, your big chance I just think you have to go for it. It seems at times McCloskey wanted to avoid getting hit more than he wanted to win. Khan was terrible jumping into try and land. I was screaming at the TV and at my wife saying Khan is open to be smashed with a left, but Paul never threw it. In the end it seems like SKY made the right decision not to show it. the Vegas based star added.

Meanwhile despite reaching his forties and been out of the ring since 2008, McCullough claims he is not retired and still wants a fight.

No one will fight me. I have given up on chasing fights now, but I am continuously training and I am willing to fight.

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