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Maughan and Hutchinson agree to Irish title fight – await sanctioning decision

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The wheels have began to turn with regards to an Irish light middleweight title fight between John Hutchinson [7(1)-2(0)-2] and Terry Maughan [10(0)-6(6)-1].

The pair have been in constant contact regarding a fight for the green belt, and hope to get a clash sanctioned by the Boxing Union of Ireland for Maughan’s home city of Nottingham on a Carl Greaves show in March.

The current Irish champion in Pauly Upton [12(2)-0], who stopped Maughan to win the belt this year. Upton however looks set to vacate, with a desire to progress on to bigger titles and a preferance to take some time to adjust to new trainer Barry Smith.

The two fighters both spoke to and stressed that there is no animosity between them, just a desire to fight for the Irish title.

Buncrana’s Hutchinson explained that “there’s no bad blood, Terry is 100% a top bloke. We speak all the time and wish each other the very best. ”

“It just makes boxing sense to box each other to climb the rankings.”

Maughan added that “I honestly think it’s the best way, boxers like ourselves needto cooperate instead of slagging each other off. We’re all in this to get somewhere and boxing is hard enough as it is never mind with added bullsh*t!”

“Once we’re in the ring it’s business, both giving it our all for the title.”

Fighting on Maughan’s home turf is not an issue for Hutchinson who described how “it makes no odds where I fight, I’ve good support wherever I travel. Nottingham is local to Birmingham and I’ve a lot of friends and Irish living there.”

“He just wants to be the champion of Ireland like every other Irish fighter in front of his home fans. I’ll travel anywhere to fight, that’s what I do.”

Maughan and Hutchinson are currently ranked 4th and 5th with the BUI. The division’s #1 and #2 are Dennis Hogan and Michael McLaughlin Owen. Hogan has World title desires, while McLaughlin operates at welterweight – although he has stated that he would like to face fellow Donegal man Hutchinson. #3 is Sonny Upton,whose training situation is the same as his brother’s – although he may be tempted to enter the fray with his English title fight falling through

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