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Martinez: I will shove ‘Chicken’ jibes down Frampton fans throats, but I need a knock out to win

KIKO Martinez believes he will need to issue Carl Frampton one ‘hell of a beating’ if he can’t stop The Belfast fighter on September 6.

‘The Jackal’ has upgraded his lair from the Odyssey Arena to the Titanic Quarter for the World title challenge and 16,000 Frampton followers will be baying for Spanish blood in the IBF World title fight.

Such home support has to prove an advantage and Martinez, an experienced road warrior, believes it may have an effect on the fight judging. As a result he plans to leave no doubt regarding the result and is training to issue the Belfast fight favourite a beating on the top of the Titanic Showdown.

“I need to win by knockout or at least give him a good beating to win.

“If not it will be difficult to win but I’m sure the judges will be fair and if I deserve to win then they’ll give me the victory,” the fighter with significant Irish previous told Boxing Scene.

Plotting such a one sided victory against a fighter, who stopped him last time they meet, is bold to say the least, but Martinez, who knocked out Dubliner Bernard Dunne earlier in his career, claims he wasn’t right for the first installment of Frampton Martinez. Indeed the former European champion admits such was his mental state that he knew he would lose last February,

He has since gone on to win the World title and defend it twice and is adamant he is a better place, stating the Cyclone Promotions puncher faces a whole different proposition.

“I’m more familiar with my trainers now and I will be the real me in this fight. That night wasn’t me, that’s why things caught up with me.

“I wasn’t myself in the interviews or at the weigh in before the fight. I’m going to enjoy it in there. I was annoyed at not having fought for a while and actually deep down I knew he was going to beat me because I wasn’t mentally ready for that fight,” he added.

Frampton’s loyal fans took exception to the fact Marintez lost to the Irish star before and felt the Spaniard should at least give the undefeated puncher first defense.

Team Martinez, however turned down a rematch offer on more than one occasions  and Frampton fans let their discontent be known on social media.  Now the Alicnate puncher wants to silence those who questioned his cajones.

“I’ve had a lot of messages on Twitter from his fans. Some have called me a chicken, they have called me all sorts of names but at the same time I don’t want to be rude about anybody.

“But they should give me credit for giving Frampton this chance which he didn’t really deserve and they can see that for being a ‘chicken’ I’m going back to Ireland to fight him,” stated Martinez.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years