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Macklin: I have the hunger and desire, the best is yet to come

MATTHEW Macklin buckled Irish, British and European titles around his waist, has challenged for a World title on three occasions sharing the ring with big names on and on the big stage.

He boasts an impressive CV, but believes it is missing one thing, a World title. The 32 year old is determined to add his name to the list of middleweight greats by becoming champion of the world.

And despite having two failed attempts and being robbed once Macklin is still confident he can reach the summit. Indeed he claims its his sole motivation and stresses like the likes of Carl Froch and Joe Calzaghe he can produce his best performances in his mid 30’s.

“I have done well out of boxing and I have other things in my life so I wouldn’t be walking around Manchester on my own talking to myself if I didn’t feel like I could win or World title or if I didn’t want to win one,” said Macklin.

“Its the only thing I have left to achieve. I have won Irish, British and European titles and been involved in big fights. At this stage of my career I want to be World champion,” he added before expressing a World title belief.

“Times have changed. If you look at Carl Froch and Joe Calzaghe, the fights they had in their mid-thirties is what they’ll be remembered for. I believe that the best is yet to come from me because I still have the hunger and the desire to achieve my goals.”

There are plenty of big name opponents out there for Macklin and promoter Eddie Hearn claims ‘Mack The Knife’ has plenty of options as he can fight in England, Ireland and is a name in America.

Miguel Cotto is the biggest name on the wish list and beat Sebastian Heiland on Satruday and Macklin becomes mandatory for the future Hall of Famers WBC title.

“Cotto was initially talking about fighting in December and I was one of three possible opponents who were mentioned. It didn’t happen but if a match up against Canelo fails to transpire in May, and Cotto wants to headline in New York, then a fight against me makes sense, providing I win this eliminator.

“Jermain Taylor will also be looking for an opponent soon and I’d be happy to take him on. I’m a recognized name, an experienced contender, and I’ve proven myself at world level in the past. A win on Saturday gets me back in the mix and I’ve got a good team behind me, so I’m sure I’ll get an opportunity.”

Domestically Irish fight fans want to see Macklin take on Limerick’s Andy Lee, whilst they would also welcome and Irish versus English match up with Martin Murray.

“It’s hard to see Martin Murray doing better than the norm against Gennady Golovkin,” said Macklin, of the St Helen’s middleweight. “He may last a few rounds because he’s a tough fighter but I can’t see him winning. Golovkin has great variety, gets around the gloves, works the works body and finds the uppercuts. I think he’ll stop Murray, whether he does it early or late is the question.

“Andy Lee has a WBO title shot against Matt Korobov and I give him a real chance in that one. Korobov is understandably the favorite but Andy is a live underdog and if he is given the time, and the room to maneuver, then he’ll create problems for anyone.”





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