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Lynn Harvey wants the Wallbangers to get the National Stadium “Buzzing”

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It wasn’t quite the Point Depot for a Bernard Dunne fight or the Odyssey for a Frampton dust up, but Lynn Harvey brought a big time atmosphere to the small hall when she made her debut back in November of last year. A host of Harvey wallbangers raised the Red Cow roof before, during, and after her first round stoppage of Ivana Yaneva and, although her destructive display ensured more praise for her performance than her ticket selling prowess, the partisan and vocal crowd played a part in a memorable debut.

The Kilbarrack native upgrades to the National Stadium as she returns on a Red Corner Promotions card on Saturday November 5th and she has almost demanded her fan base to show the Stadium how to have a boxing party.

“I want the place buzzing,” Harvey told Irish-boxing.com.

“I want the Stadium to be hopping. When they are buzzing I am am buzzing and they think ‘she is going in to smash this’.”

“The people that came to support me for my debut were great. They were all out to enjoy it and played a big part.”

“I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant or come across wrong, but I sell tickets and the support I have are among the best out there. I will have that crowd coming again and there are people asking about November 5th saying they missed the first one and they heard it was a great night and so on.”

While she has the kind of ticket selling capabilities that would warm the heart of Eddie Hearn, there is a lot more to Harvey. The 35 year old has amateur pedigree having claimed  Irish Novice, Intermediate and Senior titles. Harvey can fight and she hopes to show that again in Dublin on November 5th.

“The thing is, I am not just a ticket-seller. I can fight and I think my style is entertaining to boxing fans in general.”

“I think I am the type of fighter people want to watch. I go in to the ring to get the girl out of there. That is the type of boxing I like to watch.”

Not only does Harvey not know who she will trade leather with on Red Corner’s debut show, she doesn’t want to. However, she is hopeful her opponent will prove durable and provide her with the chance to show off her range of skills. Ireland’s second current pro female fighter jumps up to six rounds in just her second fight and she hopes her opponent will be a similar upgrade.

“I have no clue who I am boxing. I have no interest either. The more anonymous the better to be honest. I will see her at the weigh in and I will size her up then.”

“I never research my opponents, I don’t want to know. I know my coach Daniel O’Sullivan will work on relevant things with me from what he has seen of her and in my mind then I know that if I perform I will win.”

“I know I might get asked questions, but I am confident I will answer them.

“I would like an opponent that will help me progress up the rankings, a step up that will bring the best out of me too. I want to show off more of what I can do, show I have a defence and show the rounds are no problem to me. I know this is meant to be a six rounder which is great. That’s progress so hopefully it’s a competitive fight and my opponent is tough.”

“I still don’t think it will go the full six though!”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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