Low Blows: Boom Boom Baz Niall Kennedy

This week’s edition of Low Blows sees Irish boxing’s Mr Nice Guy Niall Kennedy get the chance to take aim at his fellow fighters, and the Wexford heavyweight doesn’t disappoint.

Q: Hardest Trainer?
Since turning pro I’d definitely say either Stephen Ormond or Stevie Jnr, and before I turned pro, Niall Murray from Gorey BC always trained really hard.

Q: Biggest Moaner?
Again Niall Murray making weight was always on a short fuse, he’d bite your head off. In the gym Timsy would always have few reasons to moan with injuries

Q: Funniest?
That has to be Spike. He is painful to train with, you never know what he is going to do. He is wired all wrong, but a great lad.

Q: Biggest Ladies Man?
Spike won’t like this, but that has to be Frank Buglioni – God’s gift to women. The horrible thing about Frank too is that you can’t dislike him, one of the nicest most genuine people I’ve met in boxing.

Q: Most Intelligent
Can I not have one of these? Ha! I’d say that’s a toss-up between the private schooled Stevie Jnr, Frank, and Luke Keeler. I’m giving that one to Luke.

Q: Least Intelligent?
Actually I will take that one. I get a lot of jeering in the gym for my bogger ways and sayings, and the fact I waited until I was 28 to take boxing seriously. Gobshite!

Q: Hardest Puncher?
My best friend and amateur coach Darren O’Toole hit like a pig. Sean Turner hits very hard, Stevie Jnr is bull strong, and Tommy McCarthy can really whack for a cruiser.

Q: Most Naturally Talented?
Jono Carroll is a freak, so is Stephen Ormond. As an amateur in Gorey – John Murray. And with the High Performance either Joe Ward or Michael O’Reilly.

Q: Cheapest?
Spike. He still has his Communion money!

Q: Worst Dancer?
I’m not great. Adam Nolan is deadly for a man who doesn’t drink. But it has to be Hagler Murray my trainer in Gorey BC, anyone who has witnessed it knows he had to get the nod.

Q: Worst Dress Sense?
Dress sense changes from Dublin to Wexford but I’m not great in either county. I’ll give it to Pajo though with his tight tracksuits. I thought he was after taking Lynn’s the other day in the gym.

Q: Biggest Messer?
This is hard because Packie Collins is a wind up artist. I’m not great but I think Spike is probably the biggest due to fact we never know what he is going to do next.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

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