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‘Lost Credibility’ – Declan Geraghty bites back at ‘social media boxer’ Dylan Moran

 Declan Geraghty [24(5)-5(4)] says ‘social media boxer’  Dylan Moran [17(6)-1(1)] lost all credibility when he accused the Dub of being a ‘bottler’.

Geraghty and Moran got involved in an online spat after ‘Pretty Boy’ revealed he had to pull out of their proposed April 8 Irish title fight due to cuts suffered over his eyes in Glasgow last weekend. 

Upon hearing the news, Moran questioned the southpaw’s courage and wondered if he ever really wanted to fight. 

The Dublin side of what was one of the more eagerly anticipated Irish title fights in recent years, says the comments were so silly, and even out of order, that they have damaged his would-be rivals standing in the game. 

The 32-year-old, who has fought the likes of Jono Carroll, James Tennyson, Marco McCullough and John Quigley,  points to his resume as a counter-argument, claims his willingness to scrap is well known within the game and says if the Deise fighter still has his doubts they can bring the beef to the streets. 

“If thinks I am a bottler and has a problem with me we can go out on the street and sort it out there and then,” Geraghty told Irish-boxing.com.

“It’s just impossible for me to fight in four weeks’ time with my eye, the eye has stitches in it. Obviously, I can’t spar and I can’t even train for the first few days so it will close up before any sweat can get into it,” he adds before suggesting Moran has got above his station. 

“He has a platform on social media because of the Conor McGregor sparring and Jake Paul situation but in the world of boxing he’s no one big. I’ve fought people 100 times better than him and at a level he’ll never get to. 

“I have never backed away from a fight, my record shows that. Anyone that knows me will say the one thing about me is I’m always willing to take a fight. People have been texting me saying how bad he is coming across by saying that. He is losing credibility now, people liked him but now he is looking like a tit.” 

Moran, who has admitted some of his comments had roots in his initial disappointment and others came after being ill-advised, also said he was told Geraghty was never fully committed to the fight. The two-time national Elite Champion says his actions prove otherwise. 

“Dylan said I was 50-50 about taking the fight? I was willing to move up in weight. I could make 135lbs if needs be, I’ll probably settle at 140lbs, but I was moving up in weight and going to his hometown. I didn’t ask for a purse, and there were a few media things that had to be done, which I didn’t have to do but I was willing to make the four-hour round trip during camp to do.

“I had a good relationship with Neil Power and I was trying to help build the show.  For the away fighter, I was pushing the show. So to say I wasn’t sure about fighting, he’s absolutely deluded and he is making a tit of himself saying that.” 

More than upset with Moran’s comments Geraghty is gutted the fight won’t happen on the Ring King’s card in Waterford. “I’m sick, just gutted I can’t fight in April. I was enjoying being back in the boxing bubble and having the motivation to go training. I’ve to take time off now and I’m sick and devastated,” he added.


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