Life After Boxing Careers Ends

Boxing is one of the most exciting combat sports in the history of sports entertainment. Fans have been electrified by the action-packed exchange of blows, defensive strategies, and, of course, by the end-game results. But the main question is what happens to the life of boxers after their careers have ended. This blog is engaged in highlighting the different scenarios where boxers were led to upon entering retirement.

Damaged Health

Athletes, including boxers, have to go through “an eye of a needle” in order to win their competitions and become successful in their careers. This includes the months of rigid training sessions, work-outs, physical and mental conditioning schemes, diet and lots of preparation. But ironically, they have to suffer major health deterioration after retirement. This health decline is due to a lot of factors. First, because they don’t have to prepare for matches, some boxers have stopped working out, making their body weaker every time. Secondly, they have received a lot of physical damages during their fights. Imagine they have to endure a lot of blows and hits. This is detrimental when they lose, especially if it is by a knock-out. Some have been paralyzed. Others have developed neurocognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s or dementia). Worst, most of them have suffered through bone fractures that lead to long term disabilities.

Consequently, these health problems are coupled with lots of medical bills. Not only athletes who have experienced paying for medical bills, but also other professionals who just entered retirement. Medical bills include continuous check-up, maintenance medicines, hospitalization, and operations or surgery for worst cases. Good thing if boxers have practiced prudent financial management, spending for their health is not a problem. But, sad to say, there are boxers that have entered retirement as poor or even poorer than when they started their careers. Either their fortunes went to lucrative buying sprees or deteriorated health. Hence, these medical bills would sometimes even hurt their credit standing. Pushing them down even further.  

Created Fortunes

On the positive note, some boxers have enjoyed more even when they began their retirement period. Some of them have created wealth brought the lucrative business offers such as their fight contracts, pay-per-views, distribution rights of their fights, endorsement deals, and sponsors’ packages. That is why some matches were difficult to arrange due to negotiation deadlocks deciding on which camp of promoters have a larger portion of the pie.

Furthermore, some boxers have become a financial genius. They have created other businesses such as gasoline stations, clothing lines, vitamins and supplements, and other business enterprises. Some have invested in stock markets, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency tradings.

Other boxers have entered politics or are engaged in social activities that somehow diversified their careers. They were able to spear-head causes, established foundations, and lead promotions that would benefit the marginalized sectors of the society.

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Boxing careers have always been exciting. But somehow it depends where the career is leading to. For some, retirement has become horrible due to a decline in health and drained fortunes. This has made retirement a doom for these boxers. However, there are the other members of the league that have gone through the upside. They were able to generate stable sources of income, enabling them to visualize their passions and continuously walks through the path of success.

But regardless of the end goal, the more important thing here is the process and what impact will it gain you. Besides, it is the process that makes a person to learn more things, become stronger and more resilient, and that which provide the necessary tools to overcome life’s unending challenges.  Therefore, whether you wish to become a boxer or not, as long as you want to become successful, work harder and be excited to get where you want to be.


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