Kiko and Casey row rumbles on

27 December 2010 – Jonny Stapleton

Kiko Martinez has told Willie Casey that he can forget about trying to re-reign as Continental ring king if his March bid for World dominance is unsuccessful.

La Sensacions camp have made a sensational second attack on team Casey after hearing rumours the inspirational Limerick native choose a WBA interim world title bout with Guillermo Rigondeaux in favour of a European defence against fellow banger, Martinez, in the belief, that if unsuccessful against the Cuban at the top tier they could easily make the transition back to EBU level.

However, Joe Forbes of camp Martinez exclusively revealed to Mirror Sport that if Mini Tyson wins the prestigious title for the third time Big Bang will not be considered as a potential opponent.

The Spaniard, who turned a raucous Point into a morgue within just 86 seconds when he defeated Bernard Dunne in 2007, is adamant he will similarly kill off Caseys European dreams, but by delivering a knock out blow outside the ring.

Knowing as we do that Willie is running from Kiko, the world title fight could be a good decision on his teams part. But the main thing is if Willie loses and thinks he is going to fight Kiko after we win the vacant title he is mistaken. Willie would be the last person we would give a chance to, Forbes explained.

As I have said before Willie was given a golden opportunity, by the Kiko Martinez camp and we did it on condition that the winner would fight Kiko, but obviously giving your word is not enough for some people, he added before belittling 11 fight perennial odds beater Caseys amazing world challenge.

The WBA interim title is a title like all the others intercontinental titles if you are not good enough to win a proper world title you go for them. At the end of the day they mean nothing and you might as well go to Primark and buy one. That would cost you less. The Cuban might have been a good amateur but it does not always relate and even then I think he might be too good for Willie.

Meanwhile Caseys advisors claim no Martinez fear factor has them running scared in the direction of the man regarded as the best amateur that ever lived. Coach Phil Sutcliffe stressed it is the Prizefighter winners bravery and hunger for a challenge that encouraged them to upgrade to world level.

Willie Casey has never runaway from any fighter and his career to date is testament to that fact, Sutcliffe said.

Willie will rise to any challenge put in front of him and that is why his is taking this fight. He has this opportunity because he delivers every time and we believe he will rise to this task as well. It is regrettable that we are not fulfilling our obligation to Kiko, but he and his management should understand that fighting for a world title versus European honours are worlds apart and we are going to grasp this opportunity with both hands, Sutcliffe explained as the verbal sparring continued.

Furthermore Rigondeauxs manager Gary Hyde believes if anyone has fighting fears its Martinez. The Cork native claims the Spaniard, who is now in Paulie Hyland and Carl Framptons sights, turned down a lucrative offer to fight the Cuban.

I contacted Pat Magee in March 2010 about a fight between Rigondeaux and Martinez. Pat contacted Alberto Gonzalez (Martinez manager) and they said no way where they getting inside a ring with Rigondeaux. I even doubled the purse offer to 20,000 plus expenses for a six rounder and he said no way, that Rigondeaux is far too dangerous. Its laughable whats being said here, it sounds more to me like sour grapes.”

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