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Jevgenijs Aleksejevs – New Hurricane on the Horizon

Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs is one of the fastest-rising boxing stars in Europe. According to various media and boxing experts, this guy has the talent to conquer the welterweight division and become the world champion one day.

Right now, the 30-year-old from Latvia has a perfect record of 14 victories and is slowly rising through the ranks. His last fight came on August 5, when he confidently defeated the French boxer Dimitri “Hussard” Trenel, sending a strong message to all the rivals in the division about his intentions.

Our guest author expert Ella Houghton from tells: “ It was the first fight for Aleksejevs after he signed a new sponsorship deal with MightyTips, who joined the pool of the Latvian’s sponsors. As time went by, Aleksejevs’ name generated more and more hype, so he became frequently present in the media not only in his native Latvia but also in other European states.”

Nickname Hurricane

When you have the nickname “the Hurricane,” you probably have an exhilarating boxing style. After all, being compared to one of the most disastrous forces in nature requires extraordinary characteristics. There have been several notable boxers throughout history with the nickname Hurricane:

  • Rubin Carter
  • Tommy Jackson 
  • Peter McNeeley

All of them had a very specific style inside the ring, being flashy and excessively powerful. Yet, neither managed to win the title in its respective division despite having an exceptional career. The situation with Aleksejevs is different. 

Right now, he has 14 victories in 14 matches, eight of them via KO. The initial four triumphs of his career came after a knockout, which eventually earned him the nickname “the Hurricane,” so coaches and journalists gladly accepted it after seeing Aleksejevs’ performances as a newbie in boxing. 

The Latvian used to be a kick-boxer before switching to boxing. His background in that combat sport is colorful, with Aleksejevs becoming the European champion at the age of 15. However, he broke his leg in 2015, which prevented him from becoming a world-class kick-boxer.

The Hurricane’s desire to compete and to win led to his decision to become a boxer. With the help of the three-time cruiserweight world champion Mairis Briedis, he quickly adapted to the new environment, becoming a huge prospect. Briedis carved Aleksejevs’ natural talent, shaping it for boxing purposes and adding a touch of his own skills. Briedis is one of the fighters who might get into a ring with Jake Paul, as he already tried to book a match against the American.

Attacking Europe

This summer, for the first time in his career, Aleksejevs had a fight outside Latvia. It took place at the Hotel Holiday World at Benalmadena, a part of the prominent Spanish vacation resort, Costa del Sol.

His opponent was the 25-year-old Dimitri Trenel, the French fighter who came into this event with a record of nine victories and three losses. Aleksejevs defeated his rival via third-round KO, indicating he might be ready for much better and higher-ranked opponents. 

The difference in quality was evident from the first bell, with Aleksejevs imposing his rhythm early on, successfully rebuffing Trenel’s attacks, and responding with an even higher force. The second round saw the Latvian keeping the same pace while Trenel began slowing down. It was apparent to all the present spectators that the Frenchman’s loss was inevitable.

Finally, in the third sequence, the Latvian finished the job, sending a staggering left hook that dispatched his rival to the floor. The referee in the ring stopped the bout after seeing the damage Trenel endured, which was the sign for Aleksejevs to start celebrating his first boxing victory on foreign soil.

This was an excellent way for him to start an “international” career, as several scouts and other prominent figures from the boxing world observed this fight from the audience. 

After beating Trenel, Aleksejevs’ stocks further jumped, and the fighter himself also expressed his readiness for more significant challenges. 

Future Plans

Even though it’s still early to talk about his plans, the ultimate goal for the Latvian is to get the opportunity to win one of the welterweight titles. For now, he isn’t ranked in the elite echelon of the division, and the next logical step would be his appearance among the top 20 contenders, at least in Europe. 

The fight for the EBU welterweight title is on October 31, when Jon Miguez and Jordy Weiss clash. The throne is vacant, and the winner of this contest will become the new ruler. Meanwhile, the super-welterweight champion is Milan Prat, who currently boasts the perfect record of 20 wins in 20 appearances. His mandatory challenger is the English fighter, James Metcalf. 

All in all, Aleksejevs isn’t in any of the title talks right now, but he could appear in the mix in a very short time. Two or three wins over significant names, some high-ranked rivals, or former challengers themselves would quickly put his name on the map.

With Aleksejevs’s quality and the team surrounding him, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that happening in the next year or so. Additionally, sponsors, the above mentioned, and others are also an ace up his sleeve, providing a strong background in any negotiation.


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