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‘It’s Personal’ – Spite Fueled Chantelle Cameron on Returning to Dublin

Chantelle Cameron is turning her Dublin disgruntlement into a positive.

The undisputed light welterweight champion of the world has been very vocal about her upset with having to rematch Katie Taylor in the Irish capital on November 25.

The Jamie Moore-trained title holder felt she earned the right to rematch the Irish fighter on neutral ground and was put out she has to return to the 3Arena later this year.

However, rather than sulk the 32-year-old is using the fact she has to come back to Ireland to fuel what she promises will be an aggressive performance.

“It’s given me that little bit of spite,” she tells Irish-boxing.com.

“It’s done me a favour. I didn’t have spite before. I came with so much respect for Katie. I still respect her but I have the spite now, it’s a bit more personal,” he adds before admitting she enjoys fighting angry.

“When I got a bit of frustration in me I fight miles better. I need that.”

Cameron, who promoter Eddie Hearn has called the ‘A side’ had also previously intimated that Irish fight fans were not overly friendly to her when she last came here to work.

However, she told Irish-boxing.com she has no issue with fight followers in Ireland and says for the most part was received well. She says her comments came after some of her fans and sponsors revealed they took exception to some things said on fight night.

“They were actually good to me. I was getting booed at the end alright, but some of my fans and my sponsors were telling me a few stories but for me Ireland is a great place to box in. It was a great atmosphere but obviously when you’re on the other side of it, getting booed and that it’s not so nice but what a place to box.”

Speaking in Dublin on Tuesday, the English fighter, who holidayed along the west coast after her Taylor win, also said she wasn’t looking for home advantage for the return.

“Not even to England, just to do it on neutral ground would have been nice,” she continues. “Obviously I’m the champion, I defended my belts the last time and I knew I had to because at the end of the day, it was Katie’s homecoming. I was here to be part of the event and I’m grateful for that but to have to come here a second time is a bit like ‘ugh’.”

Hearn has more than once said that Dublin was a key ingredient to the big pay both fighters will get for the massive undisputed world title fight, hence the fight had to happen in Ireland.

Cameron hasn’t really heard that message, deliberately avoiding any business talk to avoid frustration.

“It is what it is. I didn’t really get into it much. If I got into to I’d have got annoyed. I let my team deal with and I’ll just crack on with it, I’ll do it twice and it will be just as nice.”


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