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‘It Wasn’t Even Close’ – McCarthy not interested in McCormack Rematch

 Craig McCarthy [10(1)-1(1)-1] doesn’t believe there are any grounds for a rematch and thus remains adamant there is no reason to go over old ground.

The BUI super middleweight Celtic champion has been subject to  Graham McCormack [8(1)-3(1)] ‘lets do it again’ calls ever since the final bell of their April 8 Fight of the Year contender.

The Limerick side of the Munster rivalry believes he won the fight and has been vocal about wanting to run it back, suggesting the pair could redo it for the Irish title.

However, ‘Built2Last’ is adamant there will be no rematch. The 36-year-old says there is no need for one, he doesn’t believe he has anything to prove, suggesting he won the first encounter with room to spare.

“There is no score to settle here,” he said online.

“If it was a close fight I’d settle it but it wasn’t even close,” he adds before suggesting he feels disrespected and claiming a rematch would be a step back.

“It’s all hype and too much disrespect. I’ve more interest in watering my flowers. I’ve bigger fish to fry I’m moving forward its the only direction I know.”

Speaking directly after the title win, McCarthy had proposed an Irish title fight with  Jay Byrne [10(2)-8(2)] and that appears to be the direction he wants to go.

“Me and Jay Byrne for 10 rounds, Irish title, that is tasty. It’s a sexy fight and it will be a great fight,” McCarthy said.

“Please God we can make that in Waterford if Neil [Power] can work his magic and Mel [Christle of the BUI] sanctions it.”

McCormack is said to have options but has been honest about his burning rematch desire. ‘G Train’s’ is hoping the BUI sanction him and not Byrne to fight McCarthy for the Irish title.


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