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Irish Sparring Partner Says Dedicated Only Fans Star Elle Brooke Has What it Takes to go Pro

Only Fans star Elle Brooke has the ability to become a competitive professional pro fighter according to her Irish sparring partner.

Waterford light flyweight, Kate Radomska [3-1] has shared tens of rounds and trained alongside the adult actress and social media influencer as she prepared for her fight debut.

Brooke takes on Love Island star AJ Bunker in an exhibition on Saturday on the undercard of KingPyn’s O2 Indigo event.

Her chief sparring partner for the fight, Radomska is not only backing her to record a victory but believes the social media star could turn over and do well if she stays in the gym.

“I can confidently say if Elle continues to improve at the rate she currently is then she could definitely compete at professional level in a year’s time,” Radomska told before explaining how they became regular sparring partners.

“Mark [Tibbs] asked my trainer Will if he had any pro girls around the weight. Both our gyms are close to each other so we’ve done a lot of rounds together.”

Criticism and even controversy are par for the course with such ‘star studded’ exhibition fight nights. Many argue the sport of boxing is being disrespected and such events take detract from the hard work real boxers put in over a long career.

Radomska argues Brooke has embraced the sport and worked hard alongside some really respected boxing figures to ensure she does herself and boxing justice on Saturday.

“I don’t agree with that at all,” she adds when asked about ‘disrespect’ chatter. “Maybe the whole ‘’influencer boxing’’ can be seen as slightly disrespectful and bizarre like I watched the press conference and it was completely mental. However having seen how hard Elle trains and her commitment and dedication to the sport I have nothing but admiration for her. No one can say she’s taking it anything but seriously – she has a world-class team around her such as Mark Tibbs, Ebanie Bridges and Johnny Fisher so she’s doing everything at the highest level.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years