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Irish Boxing: Betting Odds and Tips

Boxing has always been an exciting part of the sports betting world. Irish boxing isn’t all that different, either. The Ireland boxing style is similar, except for some differences. For instance, in some fights, fighters would not wear gloves. But this guide is to help you learn more about the gambling aspect. You will receive information on how the odds work, different types of bets, and advice to make the best out of the bet and the fight. 

Odds for Betting on Boxing

Like other sports betting, the odds are based on the outcomes of the fight. But there are many types of outcomes in the field of boxing gambling for you to consider:

  • The likeliness of a fighter winning.
  • A number of rounds the fight will drag on to.
  • Weight classes and the time of the fight night.

Traditionally, boxing bets use a fraction system like 1/2 or 1/5 to showcase the odds. For instance, if the odds are 1/5, and you bet $1, you will receive $5 if you win that bet.

Recently, online betting sites have incorporated the use of plus and minus signs (+ and -). These + and – signs are mostly in reference to the $100 mark.

  • The plus sign will tell you how much you stand to gain in the default currency of the boxing betting website.
  • The minus sign is a great way to understand the outcome. It is when you will lose money even if you bet.

For example, if the website has $ as default currency and the odd say +50, it means that you will get an additional $50 if you bet $100. Coming to a total of $150.

The negative one shows how much extra you will have to place to win at least $100. For example, if the value shows -100, you will have to place $200 to gain an extra profit of $100. But that’s a good thing. Usually, it goes like -500, -800, and so on.

Different Type of Betting in Boxing

Despite the fact that Irish boxing fights are straightforward and can be unpredictable, there are plenty of options available for you in a boxing match. Here is the best boxing betting available for you:

1. Method of Victory

This is one of the easiest betting options available for you. In this, you can decide what the method of the victory will be. There is a knockout that would mean the player received a KO. Another is a technical knockout, where a person can’t get up anymore to fight. Then you have the judgment-based decisions. Of course, you will also have to pick the fighter that you think would win.

2. Round Betting Market

This becomes a little trickier. This type depends on your predictions to determine how long the Irish boxer will last. It is the type of gambling where you will have to decide exactly the round number the fight will end. In some cases, you might even have to provide information on the type of victory to win extra.

3. Round Group Betting Markets

This is one of the simplest boxing betting options available for you. In this one, you can choose a specific group of rounds that you think the fight will last. Depending on the best sports betting sites, it can be around a pair like 1-3, 4-6, or 1-6 and 7-12. Some platforms offer you both, and many other options to keep things easier for you.

4. Going the Distance Market

These can offer you some of the best boxing odds. After all, you’re betting on whether the fight will ‘go the distance’ or not. It is when all 12 rounds are over and no clear victor is announced. As such, there could be extra rounds, or the judgment will depend on the judges.

5. Final Judgment

The judgment bets revolve around if the fight goes to the judge for deciding the winner. You can bet on things like how many judges agree on the fighter and if the third judge decided it was a draw or not. There are even possibilities on the points judges will give and so on.

There is also the option of playing on a slot machine.

The Best Betting Tips for Irish Boxing

Let’s talk about some boxing betting tips that can help you out. Boxing is a contact and combat sport that can turn into unpredictable mayhem. The best way to prepare for it is by analyzing the performance of the two fighters that are going to face each other. By understanding their styles, strategies, and statistics of performance so far, various speculations can be made.

One of the best things that you can do to gain proficiency in the field is to use the best online casinos and the free bets option they provide. You can also find a similar sports betting site that would allow you to use prop bets. These are the kinds of practices that help you understand the market better. 

If you want to start smaller, with real money, you could try platforms like the €10 deposit casino, as they often have the best casino bonus that provides you free rounds and bets to play and learn more. 

That’s how the best online boxing betting websites provide you with the odds. Here are a couple of other suggestions to help you out:

  • Before betting on a boxer, make sure to check their past matches and performance. Understand their statistics and do your research if you want the best results. The same will apply for the opponent. Understanding the right contender will make all the difference.
  • Every boxer has a specific goal in mind before they enter the ring. Most will let you know through an interview or a pre-fight reveal. Some boxers go for a knockout, others believe in technical wins. If you want to understand the type of wager you want to play, it is essential to learn what the boxer is most likely to do.
  • If you’re a beginner in the field, don’t take the high-risk wager. It is better to play it safe because even the safest lines can go down the sink. So, when you bet the money, make sure to gradually gain experience and move to high-risk and high-reward options.
  • Logic should always surpass your emotions and feelings. This goes for the country, the favorite fighter, and much more. You always have to look at things logically. Otherwise, you’re looking at a losing bet.
  • There are plenty of boxing betting sites available online. Find yourself the best one that you understand. You should understand the mechanism and how they work before joining a platform.


Professional boxing is an exciting sport, and making a wager could make it even more enthralling. For boxing gambling, you don’t have to be in Ireland. After all, there are plenty of sports betting sites available globally.

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