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Fight Report: Impressive debut win for Craig O’Brien in the Red Cow

Craig O’Brien won his first pro bout and some new fans in the Red Cow on Friday night.

The Dubliner registered an impressive victory in a highly entertaining card opener.

The debutant out pointed Jakub Czaprowicz 39-37 in front of a partisan crowd and did so in a manner that could win him new followers. Wheter he carries one punch knock out power remains to be seen, but he certainly has a fan friendly skill set.

Czaprowicz didn’t read the script and came out firing from the off, but O’Brien showed a cool head and evasive qualities.

After slipping punches for 30 seconds he then started to let them go and dominated the round.

In the second stanza ‘The Iron’ stood his ground more and showed a nice variety of punches on the inside. The short right hook found a home on the traveling fighters left temple and some nice upper cuts decorated an impressive round.

O’Brien’s style and the reaction of his vocal support made the third a highly entertaining round. The debutant had burnt up some nervous energy but showed impressive variety.

He drew the jab of his game foe and punished him for falling short with a long right hand to register the punch of the fight.

More desiring than sensing the stoppage he piled on pressure and landed some clean punches, but would have been best served working the body rather than head hunting against an opponent who played his part.

‘Keep it long’ was the call from O’Brien’s corner going into the last round, as they were keen to ensure he didn’t get caught and throw away the win. And although he returned to counter punching the round was still all entertaining and full of action. O’Brien landed two cracking left hooks, but tiredness meant they lacked any zip.

Such was the pace of the bout that both looked like they were going into the final 30 seconds of a 15 round contest as the fight drew to a close.

O’Brien did have enough energy to raise his hand in a victorious salute on the final bell and he was soon celebrating a debut win when the referee’s score card was called out.


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