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‘I’ll be back’ – Michael Conlan shares decision on his future

Michael Conlan did his best terminator impression and declared ‘I’ll be back’.

The two-time world title challenger has ruled out retirement and confirmed he will continue to fight the fight.

Speaking directly after his heartbreaking defeat to Luis Alberto Lopez in Belfast just over a week ago, the popular Belfast fighter was none comitial on his future.

Indeed, he went as far as to suggest, he would take time to consider whether to retire or not. No doubt his words were influenced by the pain of a second failed world title attempt and just how recent that defeat was, something Conlan eluded to when confirming to ProBox TV that he will fight on.

Conlan declared he will ‘go again’ and continue to pursue a world title.

“Immediately after I was like, I’m done, finished. I’m not doing this no more. I was half retired already. But the more I sat on it, the more I took my time before I made any rash decisions, I’ll go again. I’ll go again. I’ve not taken bad damage throughout my career, even throughout preparations from my career I’ve not taken bad damage.”

“A hundred percent. A hundred percent I’ll be back. If it was time to go, I would know and I don’t think it’s time now. I’ve had a bit of time to reflect. I think I still have it in me, to be a champion. This can only motivate me and push me towards where I need to be more.”

There will be another rebuild needed but as a known, well-backed and well-supported fighter, Conlan is never too far away from a big fight.

The 31-year-old believes he made need to earn another shot but is adamant he doesn’t want to hang around too long.

“I need to rebuild correctly and the next fight and the fight after that will be very important. I’m not having five fights to get back to where I need to get to. One or two fights and then straight back into the mix… Two fights and then fight for a belt again if I could. Things can work out the right way if they are managed the right way.”


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