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IABA Condemn Horrific Incident that forced the suspension of National B/G 4 Championships

The IABA have moved to ‘condemn’ the ‘serious incident’ that forced the suspension of the 2024 National Boy 4 Championship.

The under-14 tournament was called to a halt on Friday night when venue when two men entered the venue hosting the tournament armed and intent on violence.

One man has been hospitalised and the Gardai are investigating. Speaking on behalf of the Irish boxing family the IABA condemned the incident and revealed the tournament will be rescheduled.


IABA is aware of a serious incident during the final stages of the 2024 National Boy 4 Championship quarter finals in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, this evening.

That such an incident could occur at a children’s sporting event is abhorrent, and is roundly condemned by every member of the Irish boxing family.Gardai are investigating.Two more days of boxing were scheduled in to take place in this competition over the weekend. They have been suspended and the remaining days of boxing will be rescheduledUnderstandably, there will be clubs, boxers, officials and supporters at a loss. But in the interest of their safety, there is no option; risk remains too high even if the competition proceeds behind closed doors.

In a statement Castlerea Boxing Club said: “We are truly heartbroken. We were so proud to be asked to host this year’s All-Ireland Championships, and we thought that it would be a great historical moment for our club and town, but instead, it has brought great shock and sadness.

“We can only apologise to all of the wonderful people that attended, to the children who trained all year for this weekend and to the people of Castlerea for the hurt that this has caused. These thugs, from another province, chose to travel to our town to destroy what should have been a fantastic day for our club and town – all to settle a personal dispute.

“We would also like to apologise to the IABA. We are unable to go ahead with hosting future All-Ireland Championships. This is a decision we must make for the safety of our boxers, their families, and our community. We are horrified that such events would take place at any sporting event, let alone a children’s event.”


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