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“I know everything about Leo” – Better prepared Santa Cruz does not worry Frampton

It will be a case of different circumstances but same result when Carl Frampton meets Leo Santa Cruz in a repeat-or-revenge rematch for the WBA featherweight title in Las Vegas on January 28th.

That’s the view of ‘The Jackal’ himself. The two-weight world champion expects an improved Mexican-American in their rematch, but not a different one.

The champion beleives his opponent will have a better camp, will carry more focus and desire into the fight, but is adamant he can’t and won’t bring anything different style wise to the table – and thus can’t win.

‘El Terremoto’ suffered a disrupted camp ahead of their first meeting in New York last Summer, with his father and trainer José Santa Cruz being absent for much of the preparations as he battled cancer. Santa Cruz Sr has thankfully recovered, and while his prescence and guidance will undoubtedly help, Frampton does not believe it will be enough to cause a reversal of the result.

“I know he had a lot of trouble with his dad. Maybe training wasn’t his focus, [so] I’m expecting and preparing for a better Leo Santa Cruz, but in terms of how he fights – his style – he’s the same way,” said Frampton.

“I know everything about Leo. If you look at all his fights, he fights the same way: head first, throws a lot of shots, very fit, very tough, very resilient. But I know about him and that’ll be the difference.”

The Cyclone Promotions puncher also gains confidence from the fact he is a fast learner when it comes to things boxing and he feels having shared 12 hard rounds with Santa Cruz he now knows how to defeat him more convincingly.

“When I fight and spar people, I feel I improve the second time. I have a good boxing brain and can adapt to different situations.”


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