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I am good enough to be called ‘Sugar Ray’ – Moylette changes moniker

‘Sugar Ray’ is a name associated with two of the sweetest ever sweet scientist.

The ring moniker was used by all time great Sugar Ray Leonard and possibly the greatest of all time Sugar Ray Robinson.

Thus it’s an iconic nickname associated with greatness. Indeed, such was the calibre and style of both fight legends that it also goes hand in hand with flair, entertainment, and even stardom.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Ray Moylette from adopting the name. In fact the Mayo prospect has been inspired with the pressure the name brings and has changed from ‘Sting Ray’ to ‘Sugar Ray’ Moylette because he feels he can reach the heights of his new namesakes.

“I’m taking on the name Sugar Ray,” said Moylette, who is unbeaten in four fights since turning pro in March.

“I know it’s controversial and comes with baggage but I believe I’m good enough to live up to the iconic name. When people hear the name Sugar Ray automatically think Ray Robinson and Leonard. They automatically think brilliance and legendary when people hear it now I want them to think of me,” he added before revealing he wants to be as big a star as the ‘Sugar Rays’ that went before.

“I’m good enough to live up to the legacy and carry it with me. I will be the modern day great that has the skill, style and the personality to reach the high of my namesake.”

No doubt there will be critics and people who suggest Moylette, like most fighters before or since, may not be worthy of the name. Moylette expects some criticism, but the 27 year old is the kind of fighter that is motivated rather than hindered by detractors.

“If people want to criticise me that’s fine. I will prove to everyone I can carry the legacy. ‘Sugar Ray’ Moylette is ready to take on the world.”

The first time the former National amateur and European gold medal winner will be introduced as ‘Sugar Ray’ will be in Dublin on June 24th as he fights at home for the first time as a pro where he will step up to six rounds on the Red Corner ‘For Honour & Pride’ card.

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