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Home Stretch – Dylan Moran’s Nightmare is Nearly Over

Forget ‘home is where the heart is’, home has given Dylan Moran [17(6)-1(1)] the heart he needed to battle through all the setbacks he’s suffered in a turbulent career.

‘The Real Deal’ hit every manner of roadblock imaginable since turning over in the summer of 2017.

There have been promotional issues galore, a knockout defeat on his American debut, being ‘left on my arse’ by the fall of a promoter that was promising big things, a ban from the BUI for an exhibition appearance, among other things.

All incidents which prompted the now self-managed welterweight to consider his future. However, one thing kept going the thought of home.

There certainly is no place like home when it comes to the Waterford fighter and he explains as much in true John Mullane ‘I love me county’ style when speaking to Irish-boxing.com.

“The driving force behind it all was a homecoming in Waterford,” he says,

“That was the driving force behind everything and the one thing that kept me going. That’s how important this was to me and had that not been there I don’t think I’d have stuck with it so long.

“I couldn’t forget about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so when all these things went wrong the idea of fighting at home kept me going.”

Moran gets to live the childhood dream tomorrow night [Saturday] when he fights Argentine Mauro Godoy [37(18)-7(4)-1] on top of Ring Kings’s aptly named ‘Homecoming’ card at the SETU Arena and he couldn’t be more excited.

“It was a dream I had from a young age and I just had to pursue it. I’m finally here against all odds. This homecoming in Waterford is all that ever mattered to me, nothing else,” he adds with his emotions threatening to break through.

Indeed, Moran suggests it could mean as much for his home county.

“It’s important for my family also, I’m looking at my little brother there and the experience he’ll get from this is unreal. I know what it would have meant for me to have an older brother doing this when I was his age. The kids in the arena will realize you can go another way, you can make something of your life, they’ll take inspiration. It’s going to be a special night!”

The 28-year-old was scheduled to fight Declan Geraghty for the Irish title on the card – but the Dublin had to pull out after suffering cuts in a warm-up fight.

The Deise fighter says finding a late replacement proved difficult, not least because he was adamant it had to be someone worthy of a top-of-the-bill slot.

“You wouldn’t believe how many fighters I said no to. I said I’m not headlining in Waterford with anyone of that calibre I just wouldn’t do it. That’s why this guy was brought in because I have a duty to the fans. I couldn’t do anything about Deco pulling out and he couldn’t either in fairness, he got cut, but it had to be someone like this guy.”

Godoy was out skilled by Sean McComb and has lost on the road before but is more often than not competitive and is by far the toughest fighter Moran has agreed to fight.

“He has 37 wins and 18 knockouts. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect but I know anyone with that record has to be respected. Those Argentinians are as tough as old boots too, so I’m excited.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years