Hearn:Dudey Army can get McCloskey major fights

June 19 Jonny Stapleton

Eddie Hearn is has guaranteed Paul McCloskey a second world title shot if he manages to beat Breidis Prescott in the Odyssey Arena on September 10.

The heir to the Matchroom throne confirmed if ’Dudey’ makes a successful return to the ring in his first fight since controversially loosing to Amir Khan last April, his next bout will be for world honours.

And despite McCloskey’s ’Homecoming’ being billed as a WBA World title eliminator, Hearn revealed the Derry fighter will be in pole position to fight for all four major World straps if he over comes Prescott’s dangerous challenge.

“Paul is one win away from another crack at a World title Once we get through this fight opportunities are endless. We are grateful it is an eliminator for the WBA title but when Paul wins this fight he can challenge for any world title. I can 100 percent guarantee if Paul wins on September 10 he will be fighting for a World title. This is  a massive fight for Paul. One he can’t aford to loose and one he won’t loose,” Hearn said at yesterday’s press conference.

The WBA’s insistence on having a Super, Regular and Interim champ makes it unclear as to who the Derry man will be in line to face if he defeats the fighter, who exploited Khan’s weak chin back in 2008.

However, Hearn claims the former British and European champion won’t be limited to the South American governing body’s belt.

McCloskey’s promoter claims if the ’Dudey Army’ come out in force on September 10 the Irish fighter will be an attractive proposition to all major champions.

“Even talking about the Irish fans that were at the MEN Arena last time out makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Football clubs wouldn’t get that kind of away support. Think of tickets, flights, hotel and for the Irish drink money it was amazing. The atmosphere here will be even better. It just shows what a special fighter and special guy Paul McCloskey is. When fighters and promoters see over 10,000 people here and the atmosphere they create they will be gob smacked and be tempted to come over. As a champion you are always looking to see what an opponent can bring to a table and Paul brings alot. The Dudey Army on the March and gunning for world title fight.”

McCloskey has been linked to host of 140lbs finest since his disastrous Khan reverse and despite claiming its time to move on from the Khan ’debacle’ claimed the revenue the potential revenue McCloskey’s fans bring could even tempt the Wild Card boxer into a return.

The Dudey Army fan also believes he could make a fight with Zab Judah if he manages to defeat Khan this weekend.

“We have great links with American Promoters at the moment and we are confident we could get Maidana, Judah or any champ. Khan might even lick his lips when he see’s the crowd Paul can generate and want a rematch. The were lots of negatives about the Khan show, but we like to look at the positives and the main positive was Paul proved he belonged at World level,” he added before discussing Prescott.

“Prescott is a dangerous but the perfect opponent. He wants a return with Khan and is highly ranked and on the verge of a World title too. He gives Paul the chance to get back on the World stage straight away. One of the reasons this is a great fight is because its a fight of huge profile. He is live on Sky were Paul belongs. The other reason is at that horrid press conference after the Amir Khan fight, Khan said go and beat everyone that I beat before asking for a rematch. We are going to do one better and beat the fighter that sparked him out.”

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