Hearn wants Odyssey Roof take Off

By Jonny Stapleton

Eddie Hearn has called on Irish fight fans to create a bear pit atmosphere that will intimidate Panto villains Breidis Prescott and Mark Quon this Saturday night.

The promoter, who fell in love with the Dudey Army when they packed out the MEN Arena in Manchester earlier this year, believes home fans have a big part to play as the Derry Stylist and ‘Belfast Boy’ face massive tests on home soil.

The Matchroom boss wants to intimidate travelling knock out specialist Prescott and Aussie Mark Quon during their respective WBA world title eliminator and Commonwealth title fight.

“Support is imperative for a home fighter. We will get up to 7,000 to 8,000 in the Odyssey on Saturday. When you feel that support, I’ve felt it even as a promoter walking behind Paul In Manchester, you can feel the surge of energy. The Irish fans are going to play a huge part in getting Carl and Paul over the line,” Hearn explained before waxing lyrical about the Irish support.



“I have said it already when I came out with Paul for the Khan fight I was blown away. The noise and the atmosphere created was amazing. I said straight away then ’we are going back to Belfast what ever happens tonight’.”

The charismatic promoter was true to his word and seems genuinely excited about packing out the Odyssey on Saturday and has called for the local fans to turn the heat up to the max in the home of the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey team.

Hearn, who has promised to promote more often in Belfast, also wants September 10 to be celebration of Irish boxing.


“We need to make Prescott and Quon feel like they’re coming into the lion’s den. There aren’t going to be too many Columbians or Australians there. I want to create a bear-pit atmosphere, I want to create a carnival atmosphere, I want this to be a celebration for Irish boxing. With the support of the Irish fans, when Paul and Carl come out that night it’s going to be a special feeling.”


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