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Hearn: McGuigan let emotion get in the way of business

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn has given his view of reasons behind the failure in negotiations that killed off the chances of a Carl Frampton Vs Scott Quigg super-fight taking place this Summer.

A much publicised move that saw Hearn and Scott Quigg offer Frampton a £1.5 million cheque recently was widely seen as a last ditch attempt to rescue a possible fight after negotiations between Matchroom and CWM Cyclone Promotions broke down.

Cyclone have remained relatively quiet on the reasoning behind the breakdown other than to say they felt Frampton as bonafide champion, ticket seller and big draw, deserved a guaranteed 60-40 split.

Now in a wide-ranging interview with IFL TV’s Kugan Cassius which involved questions submitted from the public, Hearn has spoken of the reasons he believes the talks broke down and he has laid the blame firmly at the feet of Frampton’s promoter and manager Barry McGuigan.

Speaking to Cassius he said “I would have loved Carl Frampton to have been at the meetings because I would get the deal done like that. I’m 100% convinced of that. Carl Frampton is a very bright guy. The problem is, their team will make decisions emotionally. They will make poor business decisions because they are using their emotions. They will be talking to me thinking ‘I can’t stand him – ‘I’m not doing what you want’ – How can you make the correct business decision when you have already got that in your head? I look at Barry and Jake McGuigan ice cold, not even thinking about what I think about them as a person, whether I like them, dislike them, think they are flash, think they are arrogant – I don’t care, I’ve got a job to do – but unfortunately, their decisions are based on emotion.”

Scott Quigg’s promoter Hearn further elaborated on his lack of relationship with the Cyclone boss when he said

“Barry McGuigan doesn’t like me, he won’t talk to me. He won’t even sit down with me and he is supposed to be Carl’s official manager. I don’t care about Barry McGuigan, I’ll have a conversation with anyone – I’ll have a conversation with the worst person in the world if it means I can deliver for my client and my fighter. I will have that conversation and try to do a deal even if it hurts to do it I don’t care, thats the difference.

“It’s not about me it’s about my fighter. Barry McGuigan doesn’t like me, so he doesn’t want to do a deal with me. It ain’t about Barry McGuigan. He’s done, his time’s done in the ring. He was a brilliant fighter. Now its Carl Frampton’s time to earn all the money and that is being blocked.”


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