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“He won’t get that luck again”- Tony Browne ready to redeem the first loss of his professional career

‘Superfly’ Tony Browne [5(0)-1(0] has been an exciting addition to the paid ranks since making his debut last November, the 6’3″ Light-heavy and member of the O’Rourkes Gym stable has made his intentions clear taking no easy fights in his five outings thus far in his career.

Losing his most recent fight to Chico Kwasi [5(2)-0-1] in Brussels, prompted some to ask questions about his matchmaking but Browne took all responsibility explaining “It was devastating, I have never been afraid of losing my ‘0’ and since turning over the plan was always to test myself and fight good guys from the start, as you can see by my record.”

“A lot of people, including my coaches didn’t want me to take that fight but I was adamant to keep going and keep on the streak,” he adds.

Team Browne had concerns with regard to the Rathmines native going in against an undefeated fighter with upset previous less than a month after he had fought Italian Matteo Deiana [3(2)-3(0)], and he suggests they were right to be anxious.

“Unfortunately the weight cut being so soon after my last [fight] just drained my body completely. I can honestly say I just wasn’t myself in the ring that night. I sat down in the corner after round one and I was genuinely tired and probably one of my strongest points in boxing has always been my conditioning and my fitness,” adds a fighter who has fought four opponents with winning records in five fights.

“It was a learning curve for myself and sometimes I can get in my own way, I shouldn’t have taken that fight so soon after my most recent one,” he continues with reference to fighting Kwasi just 21 days after beating Delana in Spain.

Browne took some time off after his defeat to the Dutch fighter. He is now ready to double down on the goal at hand and work towards where he wants to be, promising to show the ‘real’ ‘Super Fly’ when he appears next.

“I had a much-needed break after and  I’ve come back with a real reinvigorated focus, I’m really focused and training really hard and noticing improvements in myself all the time and once I bounce back which will be very soon, you are going to see the real me.”

It’s all positive from the Star Boxing fighter but he admits there were hard times directly after the reverse.

Touching on the lows of losing for the first time in a professional ring he said: “When that happened (the loss) you’re whole world sort of crashes in front of your eyes and you can either let that make or break you and I’m adamant that when I look back on my career that loss will be one of the best things that ever happened to me, so I’m grateful for it now.”

Browne was keen not to try and take anything away from Kwasi but did stress he wants a return – and is confident things will play out differently if they do meet again.

“Fair dues to Chico Kwasi, he got me on a good night but he won’t get that luck again and I look forward to having a rematch and going right to the top after that.

“I would take a rematch tomorrow, to be honest, if I was offered a rematch a week after I fought him the outcome would have been different, I’m not taking anything away from Chico, I respect every man who gets in the ring and stands in front of me but I know that I was the one who beat myself that night and I was beaten long before I got in the ring and that was just down to how I handled myself in the lead up to that fight but it’s going to be different this time around.”

Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email mccabejosh3@gmail.com