He hasn’t the balls! Spike reacts to Eubank’s free shot offer

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan knows you get nothing for free in this World and he is certain he won’t be getting a free shot at the chin of Chris Eubank Jr this coming Saturday night.

During their recently broadcast ‘The Gloves are Off’ show the Brighton middleweight said he would consider giving ‘Spike’ a free shot at his chin just to prove the noted puncher hasn’t the power to hurt him.

“I might even give you a free shot just to let everybody know that Gary O’Sullivan is not this big hitter that he thinks he is. You’re going to be stepping into the ring with a barbarian. I’m going to give you the free hit and we will see what happens from there,” said Eubank.

However, the Cork middleweight deosn’t believe the Matchroom fighter is that stupid and claims Eubank Jr knows he would suffer the same fate as 15 of the Cork man’s 22 opponents if he was given the chance to land flush and keen.

“Jr won’t have the balls to give me a free shot he knows what would happen,” O’Sullivan said.

“He’s starting to sound as eccentric as his father. I think he’s deluded,” he added when speaking to Sky Sports. “He’s been built up, his confidence is sky-high from what his dad has been blowing into him and I think I’ll be deflating him on December 12. When I hit him, he will soon be changing his opinion on that.”

Regardless, the 31 year old Pascal Collins trained middleweight doesn’t think he will need a free shot to inflict damage on the son of former World champ Chris Eubank. ‘Spike’ claims Eubank Jr is easy to hit and is confident he will stop his December 12 foe in London this weekend.

“I think he’s reasonably easy to hit,” said O’Sullivan. “He’s been tagged in every fight I’ve watched. I punch that hard that it’s inevitable that I will knock him out.

“I’m not sure what round I’ll get him in, it could be any – keep tuned.”


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