Harvey looses out to Frampton’s Commonwealth Challanger

By Jonny Stapleton

Michael Harvey believes he just about shaded a four round fight with future Carl Frampton opponent Kris Hughes last weekend.

The Belfast novice didn’t get the decision against former  Commonwealth title challenger in Cleland Scotland on Saturday night, but felt he did enough to win three of the four rounds.

Gutsy fighter Harvey, who has only one of his six professional bouts, believes he put in his best professional performance to date and was buoyed by the compliments his opponent and his opponents team gave him after the fight.

Harvey thinks with a little more experience he could have beat Hughes, who will become the first man to try and take Carl Frampton’s Commonwealth title away from him as the pair trade leather in the York Hall on January 28.

“The first round he threw a barrage of punches but i blocked most of them and got my boxing going. I started to enjoy the fight and I felt I should have got the second third and fourth rounds. There wasn’t much between us. It was my best performance as a pro and I know I done well because Kris told me after to stick at it. Also Paul Graham told me my record does me no justice. I would of liked to win but I think in the end it just came down to more experience.”


Frampton next to take on Hughes

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