Happy Christmas – Sean McComb doesn’t want repeat of ‘horrible time’

Sean McComb [12(5)-1(1)] is determined to win his fight before Christmas to set up a happy festive season.

The popular lightweight prospect recalls being ‘miserable’ around Christmas of last year and wants to ensure he doesn’t have a similarly ‘horrible’ holiday season this year.

Victory over Ronnie Clarke [21(10)-5(1)-2] at the Ulster Hall tonight will go a long way to ensuring that is the case while putting further distance between himself and the significant setback defeat suffered to Gavin Gwynne, that bad period led to.

“I’m going to enjoy Christmas this year,”McComb told Irish-boxing.com.

“It’s my son’s first Christmas. Last year it was miserable. I had an 18 week camp, my fight was delayed three times. I just remember last Christmas being a horrible time in my life. I was just fed up. I was ready before Christmas and the fight was delayed till after Christmas and it messed with my head even more because I couldn’t enjoy it then.

“This year I’m going to enjoy Christmas and ready to be back in February or March, if Conlan boxing have a show I’m more than happy to be on it. I want a title.”

‘The Public Nuisance’ fights on his second successive Conlan Boxing card this evening against a Scot with a win over Zelfa Barrett.

It sees him go from Michael Conlan’s teammate and roommate to an employee of sorts. Knowing both Conlan brothers the southpaw is happy to be involved and is backing them to be a success.

“Jamie and Micheal are both good friends of mine. I came through the amateurs with Michael. On the Irish team, I shared rooms with him. I know how ambitious he is and the high standards he sets himself. They’ve paved the way as boxers themselves and now as promoters and management they paving it even more. It’s unbelievable to be part of it to be honest and long may it last. They are giving the fighters of Belfast a great opportunity to perform on a massive stage with massive names and massive shows.”