Frampton – I knew it would be boring

The build-up was tetchy, aggressive, confrontational, even all-action on occasion and, as a result, the fight was never going to follow suit claims Carl Frampton.

‘The Jackal’ knew his grudge match with Scott Quigg would prove ‘boring’.

It wasn’t quite the ‘snooze fest’ Tyson Fury branded it but the unification was anything but the Morales v Barrera some where building it as.

It was more was more wary than war and more guile than gore as Frampton carried out the instructions of his corner and just did enough to take the rounds Quigg was all but handing to him.

Speaking post-fight Frampton, who did admit he was surprised Quigg started so slow and allowed him to take rounds at ease, said

“I knew it was going to be a boring fight but you can’t really say that when it’s on pay-per-view,” said Frampton.

“We thought that would be the way it went, he would move. He was giving me rounds and I was having to do very little. I felt comfortable in there all the time. It seemed pretty boring to me.

“It opened up a wee bit at the end, but I couldn’t believe one of the judges gave it to him. I thought I won the first seven rounds by doing very little. I felt I won the fight comfortably.”



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