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Follow Irish boxers in 2019 by attending their matches


Boxing is a physical sport that runs deeply in the Irish people. Known for their boldness and no fear attitude, the Irish boxers are some of the best in the boxing ring. They have deserved their recognition in this sport and will do or fight anything to be the best in the world. Boxing is something every Irishman and woman loves to do and see. They are all natural boxers and never shy away from competition. 2018 was a great year of boxing with some amazing fights in the top league. But 2019 is going to be even better, with top-level pay per views and amazing fixtures. For this reason, you need to follow Irish boxers in 2019, support them all the way through by attending their matches.

Irish Boxing

Irish people are quite passionate about this sport. There were some remarkable highs last year when Irishmen and women in the different divisions of boxing defeated some top-ranked boxers from around the world. But there were dispiriting lows as well. But being Irish always mean that a fighter will always stand right back up to prepare for his or her next fight. 2019 is a new year and there are a lot of boxers who will compete at the top level of boxing. All these PPVs and fixtures will take place at home and abroad, and as an Irish boxing fan, it will be a great time to get behind your favourite boxer to support him or her achieve their goals.

These fights will launch memorable careers, as well as make rookies into future stars and boxing sensations. Legacies will be cemented in Irish boxing, and we want you to witness all the action from the sidelines of the boxing ring. So hang on tight and embrace the fight schedule of 2019.

How to travel and attend a boxing PPV?

Following your favourite boxer(s) matches can be a little difficult to manage. But there is no substitute for your passion and love of boxing, and for this reason, we are going to provide an amazing tip that can enable you to travel with ease. Always consult a renowned travel agency or an agent to plan your trips to different destinations that are hosting boxing pay per views. They can help you find discounted airfares along with suitable accommodation, travelling transfers, car rentals, and every other detail related to travel. In this way, all you need to think of is how to support your favourite boxer all the way to glory. All the travelling plans will be managed by the best travel agency or a representative agent and you don’t need to worry about anything except for enjoying every little moment.

Irish Boxers and their PPV fixtures in 2019

All these fights are expected PPVs and the final date will only be confirmed later in the year. We advise our readers to plan accordingly after doing some research, and travel by planning with the best travel agency.

Dennis Hogan vs. Spike O’Sullivan

This fight is the most anticipated fights of the year not just for the Irish boxing fans, but for other worldwide fans as well. This fight is seething in a jar of dirty blood for quite a while now, but it had never been officiated aside from rumours. However, 2019 is going to be the year when this fight is most likely to take place. If Dennis Hogan can defeat Jaime Munguia, the first Defence can take place at Ireland with the Irish son Spike O’Sullivan.

The battle between the two will be enthralling as both the veterans of boxing will take on each other supposedly for the title of WBO Light Middleweight Championship, which is currently on the waist of Jaime Munguia. When this fight is confirmed for good, you will know about the destination. Then you can have your tour arranged with the travel agency. But make sure that you have done your arrangements and all the bookings as soon as it becomes official, as the tickets are going to sell out in a jiffy for the golden match of the golden boy. Hotels are also going to be fully reserved for this fight, so it is wise to pre-book your accommodation as soon as everything is confirmed.

Rohan Date vs. Dylan Moran

There are a lot of talents in the welterweight division of Irish boxing, which will result in some amazing pay per views this year. Among such fixtures is a match between Rohan Date and Dylan Moran. This fighting duo is known to be respectful to each other, but come fight night they will lit up the arena where the fight will take place. Do follow this fight and be the first one to purchase the tickets to the PPV.

Karl Kelly vs. Martin Quinn 2

Although these names are not that big like others on this list, they are favourites for some fans as voted by different web platforms. Their fight will the audience go crazy, as both the competitors pack a punch. Do follow this anticipated bout and enjoy every round of your favourite boxers fighting it out in the ring.

Tommy McCarthy vs. Luke Watkins

Tommy McCarthy is a fan favourite of not just Irish boxing followers, but other worldwide fans as well. The fight between McCarthy and Luke Watkins is going to fill up stands in the arenas and tickets will be sold in advance. So make sure you are completely updated with all the details. Do purchase the tickets on time, and plan your trip to see this match with the help of a good travel agency.

Joe Fitzpatrick vs. Gary Cully

Gary Cully has lately hit out at the detail that an Irish lightweight title bout has been made amongst a super featherweight and the number 9 in the division. The special thing about this fight is that both the boxers are quite young and fit at this stage of their careers. So a rematch option is always presentable given the fact they both fight well in the first bout. This is going to be a big fight, so follow it and don’t forget to purchase tickets for it.


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