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Fitzgerald: No need to disrespect me – I can show Macklin the level I am at

Anthony Fitzgerald took umbrage at being name dropped by MGM stablemate Matthew Macklin live on Sky Sports on Saturday night.

After a closer than expected fight with Jason Welborn, his first at light middleweight in nine years, Macklin used the Dubliner and his fight with Andy Lee as an example when trying to explain one bad performance doesn’t mean an end to World title dreams.

When pushed about his future, the three time World title challenger seemed to be indicating that people questioned now WBO World Champion Lee’s future prospects after the Limerick man’s 98-94 win over ‘Fitzy’ in 2013.

In fairness the comment didn’t seem too disparaging, more a comparison to show you can have a tight contest with a fighter not deemed elite class and still achieve.

However, Fitzgerald, who believes he beat Lee on that night in Belfast, feels he was disrespected and feels Macklin could have made the point without singling him out.

Indeed, the Dubliner took to Twitter to express his discontent and indicated he would fight Macklin to show the level he is at.

Speaking to irish-boxing.com today Fitzgerald, who recently suffered defeat to journeyman opposition after a performance he himself criticised, claimed fighting Macklin wasn’t on the agenda, but did stress he felt disrespected by the former British, European and Irish middleweight champ.

“I am not looking to fight Matthew. I just thought there was no need to bring my name into. I was delighted he won and am glad to see him win, but I felt what he said was disrespectful.”


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