Fitzgerald: There will be nothing civil about this Dublin Cork war

ANTHONY Fitzgerald versus Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan won’t just be explosive it will be nuclear suggests the Dublin participant in the ‘battle of the Capitals’.

Matchroom finally made the fight Irish fight fans have all but begged for, for five years and Fitzgerald and O’Sullivan will provide chief support to Matthew Macklin’s Dublin return in the National Stadium on August 30.

‘The Pride of Dublin’ was more than delighted to secure a fight he ‘wanted for years’ and told fight fans to expect a firework decorated war, which he will win.

Speaking to the well supported inner city Dub said he is looking forward to proving he is better than the former Irish champion.

“I am very excited about this fight. I wanted this clash for years and have the fans. I wanted to prove I am better than ‘Spike’ and I will do that on August 30,” he said before expanding on his Civil War prediction.

“Predictions? An Anthony Fitzgerald victory of course. It has the ingredients to be a war and there will be fire works and war.”

The Dublin and Cork duo have been linked for a number of years and have called each other out on occasion, but the clash was never made. Fitzgerald wouldn’t go as far as to say he thinks ‘Spike’ is afraid of him but did suggest the Cork punchers team shied from the fight. Team O’Sullivan would make similar accusations, but the fact defeat could prove a career set back for either fighter may have hampered previous negotiations.

So does ‘Fitzy’ think this is a risky fight and has he considered the ramification of defeat. Stupid question to ask the fight anyone and the entire entourage, anywhere, anytime kind of fighter.

“I wont lose so there wont be a set back. It will be a good fight, but it is not a risk for me.”

“I have looked for this fight for years. It didn’t happen because Pascal (Collins) Spike’s trainer wouldn’t let him fight me for whatever reason. I don’t think ‘Spike’ avoided me he is a fighter like me, but you could say Pascal avoided me.”

The fact the fight failed to materialise previously is a blessing in disguise claims ‘Fitzy’, as when he does eventually get it on with his domestic rival he believes he will be in the best shape of his life.

The former Irish champ, who fights in Birmingham this weekend, claims he has made significant improvements in all areas since he teamed up with Seamus Macklin in the MGM Gym Marbella.

“Make no doubts about it this will be a tough fight and I am preparing for a tough fight, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has also come at the right time for me because Seamus is getting the best out of me and I am flying in Spain. I have a great team around me and Seamus, myself and the whole team are putting a lot of work into ensuring I will be at my best ever for this fight.”


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