Fitzgerald O’Kane Proposed But Not Likely

By Jonny Stapleton

ANTHONY Fitzgerald revealed he has been contacted about a mouth watering dust up with fellow Irish middleweight Eamonn O’Kane.

Unfortunately for Irish fight fans just like the proposed clash with Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan fell through ‘The Pride’ believes he won’t trade leather with the Dungiven star.

O’Kane’s manager Francie McNicholl seems to be in agreement he told the Irish News newspaper recently that the unbeaten prospect may not be ready for the December dare proposed.

The Commonwealth Gold medallist is just back in training after a car accident and will not be ready for action until early next year.

Fitzgerald says he would like the bout, but claims nothing has progressed past initial contact.

The Irish super middleweight said the fight menu he was asked to appear on was to include an potentially exciting clash between Kevin O’Hara and Oisin Fagan.

“I got a call asking if I would fight O’Kane in Dublin. I told them I would take the fight. Obviously contracts and so fort would have to be sorted, but on principal I would love to fight O’Kane. It  would be a great fight. I haven’t heard anything since though so I have looked at fighting in January on a Pride Promotions show.”

O’Kane Fitzgerald would be a clash to excite fight fans. O’Kane a noted amateur who defeated George Groves in the vest and head guard and impressed in the WSB. However says the amateur and pro game are different animal and is confident he could tame the Derry fighter.

“I wouldn’t pay heed to what he did in the amateurs. The two codes are so different and I am confident I would beat him, but as I said it doesn’t look likely now.”


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