Egan believes structures should be put in place to help medalist

By Jonny Stapleton

IRELAND’S highly praised High Performance Unit should put in place structures to help potential London 2012 medallist cope with the pressure that follows success, according to Kenny Egan.

The Beijing silver medallist revealed the specially designed coaching format, which has improved Irish boxing to the point where it is respected worldwide, prepared him expertly for everything right up until the final bell of an Olympic final most believed he won.

However, the 10 time Irish champion revealed he struggled with massive media attention when he returned home and the new-found fame brought him to the brink.

Speaking just hours before the launch of his book ‘Kenny Egan My Story’ the honest star told Mirror Sport how he binged drank up to eight days before he beat Tommy McCarthy in the 2010 championships, was so hung-over training in front under age kids he disrespected the Irish Captain title he held, left the country when he was meant to fight, slept rough and became an expert liar.

The gargle really dimmed Egan’s brain and fight game for up to two years and whilst he takes a lot of responsibility himself he admits he could have benefited from expert help.

“The High Performance Unit prepared me for everything right up the final. We got expert training, advice and help. The coaching and sport psychologist help I got was a big part in my Olympic success. However, I think they should put something in place for the lads when they return home,” Egan said.

“I wasn’t ready for the mass media attention. I was also mulling over pro contracts and deciding if I should stay amateur or go professional. While

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