Fagan returns in March

22 February 2009 – By David Boyle

After Oisin Fagan’s second round defeat at the hands of Amir Khan in December of 2008 it was revealed that he had broken his leg in the first round.

Expected to be out of action for a year, Fagan has defied convention to announce he is fit to fight and will be back in the ring on the undercard of Bernard Dunne’s WBA title fight against Ricardo Cordoba at the O2 on March 21.

Speaking of the Khan ordeal, Fagan revealed his torment since the fight took place.

“I am having nightmares every night about the fight, having trained so hard for it, to go down has been playing on my mind since the fight took place,” he explained.

“I am not one for going down and I’m a very tough competitor and the fact that people at the time didn’t know I had broken my leg made it worse. However, I showed my heart by getting up and trying to fight when I was hurt.”

Fagan had surgery after the fight on the leg but found it impossible to stay away from training.

“I was back training I was running on my crutches after three days, I’m just so determined to get back in to the ring and erase the Khan fight from my memory.”

Before his return, Fagan must first prove to the doctors that the leg is healed, but there is no doubt in the Dubliners mind that he is ready.

“I have been sparring and I feel I am both physically and mentally ready for March 21”, he enthused.

Fagan is praying Irish lightweight champion Andy Murray wins his EU title fight on the same Dublin card, so that they can set up a fight.

“Andy is a good lad and a fantastic boxer, but I want the best fights that are out there and if he wins that fight I want to fight him.”

Whilst Murray may be on top of his wishlist, Fagan believes other all-Irish matches with Michael Gomez and Michael Kelly could also be on the cards.

“I would like to fight Gomez, we get on well with one another and I think with the film coming out about his life we could get great publicity. Also, Michael Kelly is back fighting and I think that it would be a good action packed fight”.

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