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Explained – What White Finds Wonderful in Walsh

Callum Walsh [7(6)-0] shared the secret to winning Dana White’s heart and explained how he got the UFC boss to take an interest in a boxer.

Eyebrows have been raised with the amount of love White has shown in the Cork boxer. Tom Loeffler is Walsh’s promoter but the face of UFC is involved to the point he has made ‘The King’ a pet boxing project.

The Cobh native, who often trains with Tony Ferguson, is the only boxer topping UFC Fight Pass cards and has a very unique relationship with the MMA and UFC in particular.

White has used the UFC platforms to push the boxer, has praised him at every opportunity, and looks set to use the Fredie Roach-trained prospect to break into boxing.

Speaking previously he said: “We’ve had a lot of success with the Irish here with Conor and I think this kid could become extremely popular with the Irish. I’m not saying he’s going to be [as popular as] Conor, but he’s a great kid and he has a really fun fighting style. We can take him to New York and Boston and really build him into something.”

Explaining why he thinks he is the one to tempt the Boston native back to the sweet science, Walsh said White is attracted to his fight-anyone anywhere anytime approach.

“Dana has all the UFC fighters and I’m a boxer. People are wondering ‘why is Dana pushing this boxer?’. I’d love to see Dana get more involved in boxing because, with the UFC mindset where the best fight the best, it doesn’t happen enough in boxing,” said.

“Everybody [is like ‘I don’t want to fight this fella’, your job is to fight. My job is to fight. I don’t even know who I’m fighting, I have no idea. I’m going to show up and fight because it’s my job. What am I supposed to say? No?

“I don’t pick and chose opponents, that’s why Dana is pushing me because he knows I’m bringing this UFC mindset. I want to make these big fights happen and obviously, with Dana White helping and with a promoter like Tom Loeffler, I think we are going to change boxing a lot. I’m going to make these big fights happen. Even though I’m young I’ll fight anybody.”

Walsh will make the first defense of his WBC United States Silver light-middleweight crown against “El Pitbull” Juan Jose Velasco on Saturday at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years