Defeat for Moore

14 December 2008 – By Cormac Campbell

New York based Wicklowman James Moore (16-2) saw his dreams of a major title shot picked apart by the fleet-footed Yuri Foreman (27-0) in Atlantic City on Saturday night.

The bout, for the NABF light-middleweight title was expected to open the door to opportunity for the victor in 2009. However, from the first bell it became apparent that Moore would be in for a difficult night as the unbeaten Belarusian peppered him with overhand rights that all too often were finding their desired target. Foremans tactics of getting in and out with single shots also proved a source of frustration for the Irishman who struggled to close down the world ranked talent.

With the pattern of the fight set, Moore fell well behind on points, to the stage where a stoppage victory was the only realistic means of victory. But despite Foreman slowing somewhat typified by the dislodgement of his mouthpiece on three occasions Moore was unable to penetrate his defences.

The ninth round brought more frustration as a nasty gash appeared above the Irishmans left eye. The end of the tenth round brought with it a near shutout points victory for Foreman (27-0).

For Moore a second defeat in a year will force a reassessment of his American dream. With namesake Jamie Moore expected to vacate the Irish title in the New Year, Moore may opt to pursue it with a grudge match against Henry Coyle an attractive proposition.

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