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Declan Geraghty doesn’t believe clash with James Tennyson will be ‘Fight of the Night’

The Irish fight fraternity are in near-unanimous agreement: James Tennyson v Declan Geraghty has ‘Fight of the Night’ written all over it.

Two young, hungry, and fresh fighters go to battle for the Irish title in a Belfast versus Dublin derby that should push the winner to the next level.

It has all the ingredients for most to label it mouthwatering.

However Geraghty claims that afterwards people will be salivating about his clinical display rather than rejoicing after being fed ten rounds of blood and guts.

The Dublin stylist isn’t buying into ‘Fight of the Night’ talk, rather claims it will be more like a ‘Performance of the Night’ from him.

The two-weight Senior champ thinks the fight will be entertaining but not for the reasons most are expecting.

When asked if the clash could be on of those Irish title fights with live long in the memory potential Geraghty replied, “I don’t think so.”

“It could be a great fight, but I think it will be performance of the night from me. I am going to make sure it goes my way and make it a good performance from me.”

“Fight of the Night means it will be a good hard, tough fight. I don’t see it that way. I do expect it to be a hard fight [in terms of difficulty], but I believe my experience will tell. I will adapt to anything he brings.”

The 26 year old and the former Irish Champion and British Title challenger have been respectful of each other in the build up and, while he was expressing confidence at the final press conference, Geraghty wasn’t downplaying his opponents ability.

“I expect the best James Tennyson and I will bring the best Declan Geraghty. Both of us respect each other all along and no trash talking need to be done.”

“I believe it’s going to be a stepping stone in the right direction for me and it will be a great performance. I don’t need to hate anyone to want to beat them up in the ring. We have been respectful, but once I get in there with him I will be out to take his head off. I presume he will be the same.”

There are those suggesting the ‘The Assassin’ Tennyson will be keen to do just that, and that he has the power to seriously trouble the head of the southpaw. Indeed, the clash has probably rather lazily been billed as a classic boxer versus puncher match-up. A billing made untrue by the fact Tennyson has proven boxing skill and ‘Prettyboy’ has proven he is rough stuff-ready in his bout with Jono Carroll.

Geraghty, who regularly spars with Phil Sutcliffe Jr, certainly doesn’t worried about the power his opponent could bring to the Waterfront Hall-hosted clash.

“I am not worried about his power at all. I have been sparring big strong heavy punchers a lot bigger than him. Okay, anything can happen with eight ounce gloves on, but he isn’t the only one getting into the ring with eight ounce gloves.”

Tickets are available through the Waterfront Hall (CLICK HERE) or through the boxers themselves (which is the avenue we would recommend).

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