Debut was perfect apart from no ring walk music form The Saturdays says McCullagh

Undefeated with a 100 percent knock out ratio it would be a nice way to bow out, claims Tyrone McCullagh, but having got a taste for the pro game the Derry man wants more.

Not to mention the McCullagh, who some suggest his a bigger hitter than even Paddy Barnes in the joking department, didn’t get to fulfill his dream of being ushered into the ring by music from his favourite band The Saturdays.

‘White Chocolate’ made a dream start to pro life on the Nightmare at Ellesmere Card in Liverpool, stopping Tamas Laska in the second round of a scheduled four rounder and speaking to this week joked.

“I might retire with my undefeated record and 100% KO ratio,” before reflected on a positive experience.

“It felt brilliant. The lighter gloves are a big difference and no vest is a nice touch. I was buzzing walking out to the ring although I can’t remember what song was playing during my ring walk. It’l be nice when I get to choose my own music and come walking out to The Saturdays!”

McCullagh although effective wasn’t always the prettiest of amateurs. Awkward was the adjective most used to describe the 24 year old, but when turning over McCullagh made a conscious decision to be more entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.

He certainly was more aggressive than awkward on Saturday night and he got the job done within two rounds.

“In the professional game you have to be that bit more aggressive. I said I would be and I stuck to my word. Of course that helps with the tickets if your knocking people over in every fight but no boxer can knock everyone out, unless you are Golovkin, You have to do what’s going to win the fight. So ideally I’d like to find the right balance between the two in my amateur days I was an out an out counter puncher. So I’m working on my aggression and coming forward and it’s coming along nicely so hopefully I find the right mix between the two,” he continued,

After every win every boxer has to field the ‘whats next question’ for McCullagh it is a holiday and a return to the ring in October.

“I’m not too sure at the minute I’m going on holidays now in August. I’ll be training up until I go away and as soon as I get back so ideally I would like to be out in October again but nothing is concrete yet.”

McCullagh might be delighted with the debut win and full of jokes post fight, but there was sad element to Saturday.

It was the first fight the Derry man competed were his recently departed brother wasn’t in attendance. McCullagh claims he wanted to honour his brother with a good performance and dedicated the win to him.

“Saturday was my first fight without my brother. It was always in my head on the lead up to the fight, not in a negative way but just that I wanted to go out there and do him proud. Usually he would of been in the crowd shouting, but my other brother was there so that’s going to have to be his job from now on! That win was for him, definitely and so is every other win I get from here on out.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years