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David Haye: Shane McGuigan is the “best trainer on the planet”

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Carl Frampton has been long preached about the talents of Shane McGuigan. ‘The Jackal’ has always been full of praise and respect for his trainer and correctly predicted that he would be sought after by some of the best in the business.

And one of those big names that did come knocking, former World heavyweight champion David Haye, believes Saturday night’s win for Frampton against Leo Santa Cruz proves he has recruited the World’s best trainer.

Such was the tactics he put in place for Frampton’s win, and indeed the result itself, that Haye suggests McGuigan has proven himself – and all but asks how can anyone question the coach of a two-weight World champion.

“Shane McGuigan had a gameplan and Carl executed it to perfection. He entertained every single person in the Barclays Arena,” the Londoner told the BBC.

Haye pointed to McGuigan’s unbeaten record, which now stands at 40(22)-0-1 as proof of his capabilities. The 35 year old Englishman noted that “as a trainer he’s never been beaten, he’s never been in the ring with a fighter who has lost.”

“That’s testament to his ability.”

McGuigan may be eight years younger than him but Haye believes that this works to his advantage, describing how “he’s a young guy, a lot of other coaches look at him and go ‘oh he’s only young, he’s got a lot to learn’ but he’s getting the results.”

“He’s young, hungry, and he wants to learn as well”

“He doesn’t think he’s the finished article. Every time we go to the gym we’re working on different things, we’re figuring stuff out.”

“A lot of older coaches are set in their ways – ‘this is how it’s been done for fifty years!’ – he’s not like that, he’s very scientific in his approach, he knows his anatomy and physiology. He understands conditioning, he’s involved in all aspects of training, he doesn’t just turn up and do mitts.”

“He oversees everything. He really is a tremendous head coach.”

Haye even went so far as to claim that “he is the best trainer on the planet.”


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